Marvel Heroes guild

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Looks like they're up now!

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I'd like an invite, Chemtrails is the name!

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Aww, Super Duders got voted down? :P

#105 Posted by Rough (4 posts) -

I'd like to join, username: Sanamura

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I'd love an invite. Just got done unlocking daily quests. :D
Username is MarmaladeJelly.

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Pop me an invite

ingame name: rubberluffy

#108 Posted by rye256 (121 posts) -

I would like an invite as well. In game: Rysen

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Hey, if you can't get a hold of me in game it's probably because I added a capital "M" to man when it's really spelled with a lowercase.

#110 Posted by InitialP (32 posts) -

Send me an invite, please. InitialP

#111 Posted by Albiel (4 posts) -

Can I get an invite too? Name's Wallther.

#112 Posted by jediavenger1738 (21 posts) -

I would love to be an agent of B.O.M.B! ID: calaz

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I don't think Gaftra has been on to send out invites, duders. Haha.

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Sorry everyone! I didn't wind up getting home till after midnight, then had to be back in at work first thing this morning. I'll be on tonight! Promise!

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I play in short spurts. My handle is IglooHater.

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The supergroup is up! Feel free to add me as a friend and PM me online to get added. The system is hell of stupid and I can only add online people. frown.

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@gaftra: wait so you need to be online to even add people as friends? is your username the same as here? also thanks in advance for setting this up

#118 Posted by Noitwont (93 posts) -

I have been enjoying this game much more than I would have expected. My Hulk is lvl 15 and my Storm 14 (I think). I would love to play with some bombers. I am PKBNoitwont in game, jump me in!

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Toss me an invite when you get a chance. I'm RoboCrump. I have a 27 Hulk and 24ish Iron Man, among other characters.

#120 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

42 Cyke / 38 Rocky if you want some high level company, hit me up in game as Rhaknar (what else)

#121 Posted by ouranou (29 posts) -

I'd love to join, please invite me: Ouranou

#122 Posted by Nikitagon (8 posts) -

Please add me: Nikitagon. I've got a level 28 Storm and pretty much just started the end game.

#123 Posted by gaftra (188 posts) -

If anyone wants to be a guild officer please PM me. I'd like have a few more active players who can invite people so we can keep growing.

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I'd like to join the GB supergroup. Name is 'krossmojination'. Thanks!

#125 Posted by MrFlibble (94 posts) -

DrTrackSuit in game. I have enjoyed getting Cyclops to 30, probably going to try and get a few more heroes to 30 at least, invite me please.

#126 Posted by TForeman (2 posts) -

Username= DrQuantum

Sounds like a great idea.

#127 Posted by vorpalparasite (340 posts) -

If you need an invite you can also try adding me (Chemtrails) to your friends list to see if I'm online, then ask me for one. :D

If I'm not on send me a PM here and I'll get on if I'm available.

#128 Posted by BRG9000 (112 posts) -

Geez, you can't even add a friend unless they're currently online? Lame. I tried a couple of you from this thread but no luck.

I hadn't made it on for a couple days but would like to get in on B.O.M.B. I'm Bogoran on steam and in Marvel Heroes.

#129 Posted by Scotto (1277 posts) -

I'll join - in-game name is "goodfes"

#130 Posted by zombiesatemycereal (430 posts) -

I'd like to join too please, name is DiminishCap.

#131 Posted by Mystyr_E (1358 posts) -


TheEnygma ....I think, might have to leave one I'm in though

#132 Posted by gaftra (188 posts) -

Since it has been a nightmare getting people added please feel free to add me on steam and as for an invite. My Steam ID is Gaftr

#133 Posted by NinjaPartTime (57 posts) -

Hey duders. I'm Tripaholic on Marvel Heroes and play this game daily. Shoot me a tell if you need an invite. I'm also Tripaholic on Steam.

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Any word on Luke cage's release date? Not playing until they drop Luke Cage.

#135 Posted by Robo (847 posts) -

Anyone on late, feel free to send me a tell if you need an invitation. I'm usually on after midnight or so central time.

Username is RoboCrump.

#136 Posted by Jedted (2672 posts) -

Anyone gonna be online tonight to invite me? Game name is Jedted(same as Steam ID).

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Anyone still playing this? Just started playing it myself and if there's some duders out there I would not mind joining you guys!

#138 Posted by edulle (19 posts) -

Can I get an invite please.

Username: edulle

#139 Posted by vorpalparasite (340 posts) -

Hey duders, if you need an invite add one of the following people to your in-game friends list and when they're online send them a tell/whisper:

  • Gaftra
  • Chemtrails
  • goodfes
  • RoboCrump
  • Tripaholic
#140 Posted by Jedted (2672 posts) -

@vorpalparasite: Is anyone still playing this or has interest all but fizzled out?

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@jedted: Honestly couldn't tell ya, I know I lost interest and haven't logged in for a long while now.

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@jedted: I've been playing quite a bit lately, although I'm not in the Giant Bomb guild (if it still exists). I'm Kelkirith on Marvel Heroes.

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I just jumped back into this specifically for the new Asgard content and looking for some folks to play with if anybody is interested I think my username is stayingxpuft and I'm around level 23.

For those wondering the new Asgard content looks pretty sick, especially once you reach Odin's Palace and are crossing the bridge.

#144 Posted by Amethon (35 posts) -

I just started playing this because I heard it's fun to play now. Just got to chapter 9, I really love it so far. Looking for other people to play with. My username is Akhiris.

#145 Posted by MB (14450 posts) -

@amethon: there's a new guild...this one sort of died. It's pinned in the Marvel Heroes forum. BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN, Inc. :D


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