Set up for an eventual Raid with Batman Batman Batman!

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Hey all, I'm not greatly active on these forums anymore so sorry in advance if I don't check this super often.

I'm interested in getting a 10 man with the rest of Batman Batman Batman set up. It wouldn't be easy considering many of us are in different time zones and play MH for completely different reasons. If you're interested in running a 10 man Green with me and other guildies, please leave the following info. We'll talk about Skype or other voice chat options later.

  • In-Game Name - SmashedControllers
  • Your Main - Scarlet Witch
  • Timezone - -5:00 EDT
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I've got about 10 level 60s but Wanda is the hero I have fully geared so I'd run the raid with either her or Black Panther.

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I'd be willing to run a raid in 2 days or so once I'm decently geared with SG.

  • In Game Name - CorruptedEvil
  • Main - Squirrel Girl
  • Timezone - EDT (-5 GMT)
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I have a level 60 Punisher but I warn you, my dps ain't that great

  • Ingame: Giantstalker
  • Main: Punisher
  • Time: 5:00 PST
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Batman is DC, not Marvel...

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Batman is DC, not Marvel...

That's the joke. Congrats.

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Still fine tuning but sure!

  • In Game - stayXpuft
  • Main - Deadpool
  • Timezone - PDT (4-5 pm)
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I'm down for some Surtur Smackdown!

  • In-Game Name - AngusLaFroy
  • Your Main - Cyclops
  • Timezone - -7:00 MDT
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Spider-Man or alternatively Star - Lord


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  • rmanthorp
  • Nightcralwer Spider-Man or maybe Star-Lord...

I'm dtr (down to raid) tho'

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IglooHater - I have a level 60 Black Widow, though her gear is mostly late 50s stuff. I'm EDT.

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I'm interested in joining a supergroup and possibly trying a raid.

  • In Game - rickyyo
  • Main - Hawkeye
  • Timezone - CST (UTC -6)
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  • DrTrackSuit
  • Main Spider-Man
  • Timezone GMT

Haven't tried the raid stuff yet, would like to give it a try.

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On Greens the actual encounters aren't too hard. Overall as long as you're comfortable with your hero, have decent gear(full uniques doesn't need to be BiS or best rolls) and are paying attention to rotations in the raid it shouldn't be too hard.

The only other thing is during the twins encounter we'll need to split into two groups of 5, as soon as the debuff hits rotate to the other boss picking up the buff the creeps drop along the way. During that encounter green circle means group up and red means spread out.

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  • DoomInnaBox
  • Taskmaster / Star-Lord
  • PST (UTC -8)

Down whenever; I've got the time 'til the quarter starts back up again in 2 months.

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Any word or update on this?

#18 Posted by Perdido (63 posts) -

In Game: DrtyMnky

Main: Taskmaster?

Timezone: CST (UTC -6)

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Alright I wanna get this done before Summer's end so if you're available next weekend anytime tell me and we can try it then.

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