What do I need to know to choose a hero?

#1 Posted by TheMasterDS (2469 posts) -

Hey Gang, I want to buy one hero and I have no idea which one I'll end up liking most! Right now I'm playing as a Thing which seems okay, just got a free Scarlet Witch which I didn't like as much because turns out I don't like ranged as much. Was wondering what I should know about the other Heroes before doing something stupid like buying one sight unseen. Do all of them end up with pretty cool abilities like Jeff's Captain America? Do any of them end up feeling like the Monk from Diablo 3? Maybe Thor might be along those lines. I don't know, I can't know! Someone tell me!

#2 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1959 posts) -

I was going to say Iron Fist, but he's not in there yet. Maybe wait for Luke Cage?

#3 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

The Human Torch is the next hero they're going to add according to their twitter account.

#4 Posted by alternate (2796 posts) -

ranged, control, DPS, tank? projectile, magic, brawler?

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