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Anyone have any idea what Wade's Fav Boost does? You get it for beating Nick Fury on Legendary, but it doesn't tell you what it does. This is for the Rank 1 version of it, btw. Rank 2 improves your attributes by 5 or something.

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A quick google says it's +10 all attributes.

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@Ineedaname said:

"A quick google says it's +10 all attributes. "

I did the math on that and that is accurate i believe.  "Wade's Fave" boosts all stats by 10 while "Wade's 2nd fave" gives a +4 stat boost.  
I like to role with "Wade's Fave", "Super Powered 4", and "Reserves 4".  That seems like the best loadout but that's just me. 

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