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Better Than the First 0

So many new innovations make this game superior to the original. The script and story are surprisingly good, the amount of characters both good and bad is astounding, and the fusion system makes me wonder how I ever played the first one without it.  MUA had a basic super hero plot, INSERT SUPER VILLAIN has a dangerous plot to team up with INSERT VILLAIN(S). INSERT HEROES must stop his plot. MUA2 has an amazing storyline, even though it was taken from the comic book. The story takes a good amount...

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I Pledge alligiance to the flag... 0

  A little while back, a pre-Mickey Mouse Marvel Comics made a bit of noise with the Civil War storyline that pitted heroes against heroes over government legislation. It was intriguing in its parlaying of real-life events and made for an eventful time to be a comic book fan…or at least eventful enough to mark the one time in history I consistently read a comic book series as it happened. So now we have a video game, put together by what I assume was also a pre-Mickey Mouse Marvel Comics, based ...

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It's Mahvell, Baby! 0

It's almost inconceivable that someone who owned a 360 didn't have the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was packaged with the system, along with Forza, during the 360's hay day and was sold at most used game retailers at a rock bottom price. And really, there was no reason not to have MUA, as it was an entirely competent beat-em-up which could be played at it's full potential locally rather than over Live. Yet it wasn't a great game, as it seemed to outstay it's welcome after the first three h...

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Since most of you know it, I'll skip the Story explanation 0

We can all agree with one thing, Marvel heroes rock! Sure, this game doesn't topple any records or cross any boundaries but it does find a way to glue you to your couch.  The first MUA was the game of games as far as Marvel games went and this is no different. Sure, the common complaints are for the RPG elements being stripped down. But really, did you want to keep picking up the same items 10 times and trying to find a character to wear that item... and god forbid you wanted to have two charact...

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Marvel Comic Geeks REJOICE!!! 0

If you love Marvel Comics and you play video games then chances are you played the first MUA and probebly even bought the hero/villian character pack(if you own the 360 version that is).  MUA 2 brings back almost everything that made the original so awsome and adds some new features that makes the co-op experience more enjoyable.   The story takes place during the Marvel Civil War but doesn't follow it exactly, there's a pretty crazy twist in the 3rd act which causes both the Pro and Anti-Regist...

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Lets get POLITICAL! 0

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was released in Fall 2006 and developed by Raven Software. What it did well was mix the arcade style beat-em-up gameplay with a simple-yet-effective RPG levelling system. Taking control of some of the most prolific Marvel characters(such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine and many others.), the player was taken on a colourful tour of the Marvel Universe. From outer-space to the depths of Atlantis, the player was let loose on some of the most memorale lo...

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Not quite Marvel Ultimate Alliance 0

 I was intrigued by the box of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 when in EB games, because like most first and second generation Xbox 360 users it came with the system. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could have cared less that it looked like an indie game. It reminded me of the good old days when during the winter when I would sit in the basement with my friends and play X-men II: Rise of Apocalypse. Unfortunately Marvel Ultimate alliance 2 is nothing like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  Unlike the previous ...

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It's Spandex Time! 0

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will obviously feel familiar to fans of the first, but there are noticeable differences. First of all, the graphics are crisper and shinier than ever, and coupled with the more realistic locals and darker colour schemes, makes the game feel far less like an arcade game and, certainly from some angels, more like a serious action title.   This may come as a disappointment to those who would have preferred the vast variety of comical landscapes and general cartoony feel ...

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Prolific Review 001 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 0

StorylineMarvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is the sequel to the original Ultimate Alliance which was released in 2006. The story is roughly based upon the Civil War and Secret War comic events. After a large explosion on national TV, the government created the Superhuman Registration Act (SRA) which requires all superheroes to reveal their identities and register with the government. A Civil War breaks out in the superhero community with Ironman leading the superheroes who side with the government (I ...

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The Ultimate Alliance: Torn Apart! 0

Note: Would post pictures with silly captions but it's being a a freakin' twat about it so can't =/  Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is the sequel to the hit All-Platform (practically) Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which also was spawned from the X-men Legend games before on the Ps2. What they all have in common is allowing the player to create their own custom team of Superheroes to mash and blast their way through a number of environments from an isometric perspective. MUA2 doesn't really bring anythin...

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 0

Having played all the RPG games created by Marvel and Activision, the team has come a long way since X-Men Legends. In this game, Activision tries their hardest to perfect their engine and make a game that everyone will love. With the events of the first game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, MUA2 comes in after the (comic) event of Marvel Comics Secret War. This game is all about the Civil War which pits Marvel's finest, and worse, Superheroes against one another to a battle of "join us or be placed i...

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Great game hampered by performance issues... 0

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on the PSP is a prime example of why one should alway survey the environment before jumping in. For example, why the game has 0 reviews on, or perhaps why the game was on clearance at Target for $7. On the handheld, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a game that can be summed up with "this would kick ass if it weren't for..."  The game starts with a team of super heroes lead by Nick Fury, comprised of Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America, on a m...

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Deadpool!!! Now what? 0

So, in short, WIN.  This is a great beat em up, its long enough to be a game, but short enough not to get too bored. I liked the story, loved my choice of characters, however thin it was. Most achievements are achievable by the average player. Costumes are... not 100% worth unlocking.. Some are pretty ugly...  The Fusions are very similar unless your using a special Duo. And once you play through with Deadpool, you don't really care about the retorts of any other character in any other playthrou...

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Can't live up to the original, but still provides plenty of fun. 0

It was around this time in 2006 when the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released, and at the time it was perhaps one of the finest examples of mindless action-RPG fun and shameless fan service going around. It was a riotous romp through some exotic locations, where you fought alongside and against some of the Marvel universe’s most well-known and obscure characters alike. All of this was tied together by a ridiculous story that essentially served as a means to cram as many characters in a...

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Marvel Average Alliance? 0

 Ok, I'm rewriting this review because after an extended period of time with this game, I've come to realise just how bland it really is.   Firstly, this game's levels aren't as adventurous as the last one. In this game you go from bland boring warehouse to bland boring street to bland boring underground. I prefer the first game's levels where one level you might be underwater, then in a sholin temple, then in space, then in freakin' VALHALLA! It gave the game a more comic book feel to it, wh...

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Pretty Disappointing 0

 If you never played the first MUA...or X-Men Legends...or X-Men Legends II, this is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler where you take a group of 4 Marvel superheroes through a series of levels, killing a metric fuckton of enemies and finding a metric fuck-pound of collectibles. It's a very tried-and-true game style.Now, the first major concern about this game is that the long-time developer of these series isn't back for this game. Yup, Raven Software isn't involved at all. That's usually a...

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It nails absolutely nothing but manages to still be engaging. 0

Marvel Ultimate Alliance, a 2006 game that flew under the radar but ultimately succeeded for raising the bar for future cooperative action-RPGs. Unfortunately its successor, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, doesn’t feel like a step forward for the series, nor the genre. This is mainly because the developers, Vicarious Visions—the team behind the Wii and DS ports of the original MUA—failed to recreate the same phenomenally designed cooperative gameplay innovations that made the X-Men Legends series, a...

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