koopa_kid12's Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PlayStation 3) review

Hulk smash! What!? NO HULK!!!

Marvel: Ultimate alliance puts together lots of Marvel characters from the comics and lets you play as them to take down a mysterious team made up of the Marvel baddies. This is essentially an action game, and as an action game the main focus is wandering around different levels taking out bad guys. And that it does very well, but the the problem is that is all it does. There are no minigames or anything to pass the time, all it is a wandering slug fest.

Now that that's aside, i'm going to do this review a bit differently, i'm going to rate it and put it into sections depending on how good it is.

Gameplay: 5- It runs fine, but there are too many glitches to let this one of, say getting stuck in the wall.

Graphics: 5- By no means the worst looking game on the console but certainly not the best either.

Fighting system: 3- A terrible fighting system, occasionly it even gets confused by what attack is which!

Learning curve: 0- You are told how to attack and jump at the beggining of the game....That's it.....

Overall Marvel: Ultimate allience is an ok game, but suffers from too mny flaws to make it worthwhile. 2 STARS!


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