dancingphlower's Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Special Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Pleases my inner nerd.

I was a fan of the X-Men Legends games, so it was natural that I enjoyed this one. But instead of just X-Men characters this time around, you get the entire Marvel Universe. While at first glance the gameplay seems extremely similar, it would be wrong to dismiss the changes that Raven made. For one, leveling up your characters are more accessible, but that also means the power trees are gone. Sure, a little depth is gone, but it makes the game more fun. Another noticeable change is the new health system. Instead of "potions", everytime you defeat an enemy glowing orbs return to your character and restore a little bit of health. This system is a lot better and just feels more "heroic".

But the game isn't perfect. It can be extremely buggy, especially when playing online. This could lead to moments of frustration when all of a sudden you lose your hard-earned costumes. In addition, boss fights are annoying as many of them come down to quick time events, which can become quite monotonous. Overall, though, it is a vast imporvement over its forebears and should please most fans of the previous games. I, for one, am thoroughly satisifed with this game.

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