vsigma100's Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast) review

Another Well Pollished Game from Capcom

While lookin' for some good fighting games for the Dreamcast (more like another awesome fighter from Capcom), I went out for this one, as there was a ton of hype for this game, and unlike with Metroid Prime, this game, did not disappoint! All sorts of high paced action, great combo's you could pull off, and amazing Team Ultimate's (that are surprisingly able to be pulled off pretty easy), and the game was pretty much perfect. 
When it comes to graphics, they're great 2D graphics, with 3D backgrounds. It's a very colorful, sight to look at, and when Ultimate's are used, it makes even more colorful, seizure causing lights! And yet I haven't suffered from one yet. 
When it comes to the control's, it's what you would expect from most fighting games, A, B, X, and Y buttons perform, your common, kicks and punches, the Analog Stick, and D-Pad move your character around, and the shoulder buttons in this case, will either, cause you to go all out with your Ultimate, or bring in one of your 2 team-mates, to do an assist. Overall Capcom, executed the controls, very, very well, like they always do. The controls are easy to get a hold of, whether your a beginner, or an advance fighting game player. 
Overall the game is pretty addicting, and it never get's old. You'll be coming back to this, time and time again, just because it has that much replay value. You'll be coming back looking for characters, and secrets, all the time, and it's overall just a fun experience, which will make you glad you played the game. I definitely recommend this game, hence why it's on my Top 10 list! I give this game a 4.5/5!


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