All the characters deconfirmed so far

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I'm seeing a bunch of different "leaked" lists so I'm just going to repost this handy list from eventhubs which lists all the characters confirmed to NOT be playable. 
• Blade
• Daredevil
• Dr. Strange
• Emma Frost
• Fantastic Four
• Gambit (verified through uStream)
• Ghost Rider
• Kingpin
• Mojo
• Loki
• Punisher
• Silver Surfer (verified through uStream)     
• Amingo
• Demitri
• Gene (from God Hand)
• Gill (from Street Fighter 3)
• Megaman X
• Nemesis
• Nero
• Phoenix Wright
• Ruby Heart
• Tyrant
• Vergil     

• Breath of Fire
• Darkstalkers (no additional characters beyond Felicia and Morrigan)
• Monster Hunter
• Sengoku BASARA

It's not official that these characters/franchises won't be making an appearance, but it's very unlikely most of them will.
• Akuma
• Black Panther
• Cyclops
• Dan
• Ken
• Man Thing
• PTX-40
• SonSon
• Squirrel Girl
• Wayne (Lost Planet)
• More Devil May Cry cast members
• Power Stone cast members
• Rival Schools cast members
• Three Wonders cast members    

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Can't believe they got rid of Gambit and Silver Surfer... there goes the majority of my team...

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Shulk video leaked today. In a game with Hulk and Deadpool, Shulk seems super redundant but there aren't too many Marvel girls to choose from who aren't fucking embarrassing. Still holding out for Moon Knight. I have no real love for the comic, I just think they need more dudes with capes and such. Purely for the cosmetics, Moon Knight should get in.

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@WebOfSomething said:
 Megaman X

Why does Zero get in but X gets nothing.<_<
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There are no more Darkstalkers characters besides Felicia and Morrigan, no Sengoku Basara characters, and no Monster Hunter characters. Niitsuma also said there won't be shapeshifting characters because the memory restraints on polygons vs. sprites is much much harder to work around, so Shuma-Gorath and Venom are also almost certainly deconfirmed.

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Squirrel Girl would break the game anyway.

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Still dreaming for Hawkeye...

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