Chicago - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club

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If anyones is in Chicago, there is a Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fight Club tonight. Everyone who goes will get a chance to play the TGS build. If I make it I'll post some impressions.

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Sorry guys, didn't make it in...I don't think Capcom was prepared at all for the turnout. I'd say at least 600+ people showed up for this. Got there an hour early and in 1 hour after it started moved about 5 feet in line.

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i got there at about 5:45. i got in about 9:15 when i was randomly picked by security. i shook Seth Killian's hand. and i beat the guy i was matched against. i brought the curly mustache.

#4 Posted by bearshamanbro (284 posts) -

That stache is a work of art!
Did the game feel good? I love SFIV and have put tons of hours into it but I just didn't know how a 3d engine would feel with MvC. I always felt SFIV felt slightly floaty but worked pretty well for it's slower pace. Because MvC is a lot faster paced, I am a little worried about how tight the controls will be. I assume it' a lot like Tatsunoko vs Capcom but i haven't played that game at all.

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Which I could've made it, had to work. Does the game feel more balanced than mvc2?

#6 Posted by bigbadron (24 posts) -
@bearshamanbro: speaking as a casual fighting fan, it felt good. from what i heard around there, it's the same engine as TvC, just prettier. really, i only got one game in, but it controlled the way i thought it should have. i really want to get my hands on it again.

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