Excuse me...giantbomb put your walkmans down and listen up...

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GET HYPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 

  Fucking love competitive fighting games i really do. 
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Sentinel got Senti-NULLED
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@LunarAura said:
" Sentinel got Senti-NULLED "
HAHAHAHA. WORD MANE. this is intense.
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Dude that like happens to me all the time. The losing part that is.

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I... I liked the explosions.

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Bionic Arm's probably my favorite hyper.

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Fuck yeah, go Combofiend!

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Is it bad that I still use a walkman?

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Funfact The only walkman i ever owned was used to play lambchop's  singalong.

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My ears hurt but that was awesome.
Love that tension!

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If you're going to post a video in a thread, be sure to include commentary otherwise it's just spam. Not to mention that the already existing MVC3 video thread would probably be the best place for video's about the game anyway.


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