Fightpad Layout

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I looked online for at least 10 minutes and couldn't find what layout is preferred for a fightpad. My friend just got the game and a fightpad, so I want to make sure he tries using the basic layout first rather than adjusting to a strange layout, being a beginner. 
L  M  H 
S A1 A2      That's the layout I feel most comfortable with using a stick, and is the standard, however with the fightpad having triggers, I really don't know. 
I'm looking forward to responses, as I'm still in shock that Google couldn't figure this one out for me.

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That seems right for a fightpad, actually. 
as for the triggers, its really up to player preference 

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Let your friend play around with the layout and let him choose what he feels is most comfortable.

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@JJOR64: Never!
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For my stick and fightpad, I use the opposite. 
S A1 A2 
L M H    
With the triggers as the other two. I love having the bumpers. Mind you, I grew up playing MK on my sega genesis/

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L M A1 
S H A2 
Its just easier for me to link the attacks when they're arranged in a diamond shape rather than a straight-line because of the way I press the buttons. Its the reason why I choose a pad over a stick.

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When I used a fightpad for this, I used this setup.
A1      A2
L    M   H
It allows easy dashing/push blocking, X factoring, and using different versions of supers for characters that have those (like Taskmaster) since it gives easy access to every combination of buttons.

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Actually, tried

lmh      s
a1 a2 a3
l     m   h 

and found that to be perfect on my fight pad.

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