Octogonal Gate for FightStick

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(If this is the wrong forums for this, feel free to move it. Not like I'm gonna stop you.) 
Lizard lick is out of Sanwa octo gates, and I'm looking to get one for my FightStick before MvC3 comes out. I found an ebay auction, but I don't know if it'll work with the stick I have. Anyone have suggestions?

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Yeah it'll work. 
$11 is a little steep for a gate, but if it really does come expedited shipping it's not bad.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:
" Get one at Focus Attack. "
I was just about to post this.
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Kinda related but anyone think there is gonna be MvC3 sticks? They have some seriously sick art to work with!

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Well with a TE retrospective picture featuring 2 obscured sticks, it's very likely to see at least one Marvel 3 stick.

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