Official Team/Character Discussion Thread

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I'm sticking with sent. His level 3 X-Factor is just too godlike.

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@ricetopher: That was my team week 1. I used Deadpool/Chris/Haggar. 
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So my main team is Wesker, Wolverine and one of Taskmaster or Iron Man (occasionally both and take Wolverine out).  I'm looking to learn a new character, and I'd say my biggest issue is dealing with air, specifically Morrigan.  Right now I use Taskmaster to try and shoot her out of the air, but it's been an uphill fight.  Who should I look into as a Morrigan/flyer counter?  Right now the only mandatory part of my construction is Wesker.

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Alright. So I keep running into one of the top ranked guys oonline. He's like 2000-300. His team is Magneto on point, with Sent drones and Haggar lariat. I've gotten him down to Sent Haggar but he's handily beaten me at least a dozen times. He falls back and spams disruptor and drones, and if you get close he uses the Magneto blast ult thing and if you manage to make contact he has the lariat to lead into a combo where he puts you back into the corner. Ideas?

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@GlenTennis: Bait the haggar assist and punish it. 
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Wesker/Chunli/Taskmaster - Team MeleeMasters with slight range options.

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@Chaossebba said:
" Wesker/Chunli/Taskmaster - Team MeleeMasters with slight range options. "
Why Chun 2nd instead of anchor? Isn't her X-Factor godlike?
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I have a question for you sexy stud muffins in here who are better then me at this game.

What is Wolverine's best assist?  Right now I'm using Y, but I figured that probably isn't the best one.

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@JJOR64: I don't think any of his assists are particularly great, Wolvie is best on point. None of his assists do anything particularly major like OTG, so I don't think assist choice matters. Maybe Berserker Slash, since I don't think Tornado Claw has invincibility to make it a viable AA assist.
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@JJOR64: Berserker Slash since it will crossup at the right range making it hard to punish Wolverine assist. I've actually had Wolverine's assist crossup my friend's Ryu just as he's about to shoot a Shinku Hadoken but that's like 1/200. Tornado Claw is a garbage AA and Berserker Barrage doesn't have enough active frames to make it useful for most crossup/teleport setups from characters Like Zero and Wesker.

But yeah, Wolverine is pointless as an assist.
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I offically know what it's like to be a tier whore now. In other fighting games I usually pick the guy I like playing and he/she is not so good. But now in MvC3 there's no avoiding my team of Dante, Wesker, She-Hulk is mega tier. They may only work OK together but I love fighting with all the them. You may now berate me for my top tier picks.

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Who cares about tier whoring! As long as you're having fun! :D 
I'm having a bit of trouble thinking about team synergy, and I was wondering if any of you guys had any thoughts. I'm trying out a team of Wolverine / Zero / Wesker, and each character is pretty darn good as an individual. As a team, Wolverine and Zero can DHC trick (I think) with each other with both configurations (Wolverine into Zero, and vice versa). However, I think the team is seriously lacking in assists, particularly a good get off me assist and/or cover assist. Right now I have Wolverine: Berserker Slash, Zero: Shippuga, and Wesker: Samurai Edge. Is this team hopeless, or are there tweaks in the configuration / strategies I'm over-looking. 

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So, I've been rocking a Dante, Dormammu, Tron team and I'm starting to accept it as my "Main Team." I'm liking it so far, with Dante rocking the combos and keeping them guessing, Dormammu totally controlling space and having a sick DHC, and Tron is just ridiculous with her health and Gustaff Fire assist + some easy combos. As far as them working well together... I dunno. With Dormammu in 2nd I never have to worry about whiffing DHC, and having the Tron assist in the back gives him some cover. I'm just musing to myself, though I'll probably lurk some more later and see if anyone has experience/advice with/for this team. They're popular characters, but I don't know as I've ever seen them used together.
UPDATE: I'm finding it much easier to scrub it out with Taskmaster instead of Dante. D: Looks like people are starting to realize how ridiculous Dormammu can be in tournaments...

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I know these two characters have been getting a lot of hate and are called boring now, but Wolverine and Phoenix are pretty much the two characters keeping me on this game, lol


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