The Sickest Fighting Game Guide EVER! (outside of Japan)

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So some of you may know Bucktooth from the fighting game scene. Him and a couple other major players were tapped to make Brady's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Signature Series Guide. Now I'm the type of person who never buys guides because they're never as thorough as you'd like so you're going to end up looking for everything online anyways. That's not the case this time around.
Frame data, attack properties, great strategy overviews and sick sick SICK combos, this guide is going to be my bible for the next six months. Plus Buktooth promises us other gems like the exact formula for damage scaling. No more fighting with my iPad or having to play from my computer desk, everything I need for some proper theorycrafting is going to be at my fingertips. ~400 pages and it's less than $12 on Amazon right now, an AMAZING deal.
If you're serious about this game or about kickass strategy guides in general, this is a MUST HAVE. Check out these Wolverine and Ryu previews and see for yourselves.

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I might buy it in the future. Props to Campbell Tran for working on this.

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Seems kinda neat, but I'm not getting one. I'm too cheap. 

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Actually seems pretty cool. Cheers for the heads up, I may actually get this.

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Thanks for the info. I've spent more on worse so I'll be picking this up Day 1.

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I will probably get this once I get the game.

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That's pretty cheap, ordering now. 
Can you not order the collectors edition off amazon?

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Took a look at the Wolverine section, not sure if I'll buy the guide but it eased my fears that Wolverine was going to be garbage, as he was one of the characters I wanted to try.

EDIT: Lol, who am I kidding. Just ordered the damn thing.

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@Jeffsekai:  Not anymore, it looks like just about everywhere is out of the CE. I managed to order mine just in time, apparently, I got in just before they stopped selling them.
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I was looking for this on Amazon, so thanks!  Just ordered for release date, but I plan on picking the game up on midnight...  Damn I'm hyped.

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I was on the fence when I saw it floating around for $20, but you sold me. 
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Looks cool but not sure If I'd buy one even if they were available in the UK. That shit gets more and more redundant by the day. Strats will change, combos will change, even the frame data could change. It's 2011 people, there's this thing called the internet...

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I'm going to a midnight launch despite preordering through amazon, JUST FOR THE GUIDE. lmao

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@lordofultima said:
" I'm going to a midnight launch despite preordering through amazon, JUST FOR THE GUIDE. lmao "
Yeah, I'm wondering if it's gonna be worth taking the time/spending the extra $10 just so I can get the guide 2 days earlier than I'd get it from Amazon... damn this game!
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as usual, europe gets the shaft, i would love this guide

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Seems like a great guide, but as P said, it won't be definitive. 
I don't have the cash for it at the moment, anyway :(

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I was expecting "hit that guy" I was disappointed.

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Waiting for a PDF, I would buy if it they was stocking it in Europe

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Planning on getting it.

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I'll probably sit next to my SF4 guides on the shelf but what the hell. Ordered.

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I picked up the guide. It is really well done IMO, it really is filled to the brim with content. Really sets a new standard for what these should be. The SRK wiki is probably a little more useful because it has video but definitely worth the $ I think.

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Would this be useful to somebody who has never been able to figure out fighting games, or is it more for the hardcore players?

#23 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19395 posts) -

I'm not sure I see the use for this when we've got the Internet...

#24 Posted by bearshamanbro (284 posts) -
@nintendoeats:  I think it's more of an intermediate level of information. I've been playing fighting games for years and all of the information and terminology is a little overwhelming. I would suggest checking out the SRK wiki ( ) if you don't play a lot of fighting games. The reason I say this is because reading about the mechanics takes a certain level of familiarity to understand where seeing it in videos is much easier.
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@Rhaknar said:
" as usual, europe gets the shaft, i would love this guide "
Exactly what I was thinking. Just checked and it's listed, but only as an item not as one in stock, and no note of it ever being in stock. Now I just hope someone scans the .pdf's and puts them online since I can't buy it.
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Might grab this if I decide to keep the game. I also assume this is going to age better than the SSFIV guide, which has apparently nothing but contempt heaped on it these days.

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For 12 USD, I may have to order that before I even get the game as I really like the layout shown in the PDF.

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@FluxWaveZ: Well I can read it at work or on my couch, I don't have to click through numerous websites or scroll through pages of forums, and almost none of the information in this book has even started making its way online yet. Plus the combos in this book are a great deal stronger than a majority of the combos that I've seen being discovered by advanced players and the writers did an extremely good job of explaining the timing nuances that make or break the crazy combos they're trying to teach you to do. But yeah, they honestly had me at frame data.
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I love how someone uploaded a picture of the MvC3 guide standing next to a can of Pringles. =D

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@StarvingGamer: Fair enough. Eventually though, the information contained in the guide will be available on the Internet plus much more, but I understand that it is probably easier to find what you're looking for in the guide.
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@StarvingGamer: For anyone who's interested, Amazon has just restocked the guide, and it's 10.99. With the Amazon Prime trial (make sure to cancel or turn off automatic renewal before a month from activating it), 2-day shipping is free. 
I just ordered one myself, and with the 2-day shipping, it's supposed to arrive by Friday.
#33 Posted by Heartagram (1183 posts) -'s Guide is really really good. Its still in progress but I learned a lot as a beginner.

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