Two more reveals?

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Just stumbled across this about five minutes ago.
So, from the looks of things, Taskmaster and Galactus are both confirmed. The leaked list that's been dotted about is looking pretty promising now. (For those unfamiliar, if the list is to be believed, the remaining characters would be Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Sentinel on the Marvel side, and Hsein-ko, Mike Haggar and Akuma representing Capcom. Though personally, I'll still be holding out hope that all the speculation regarding the Green Goblin turns out to be true.
So, what do you think to the roster so far? Would you be happy with the roster if it turns out the leaked list is true? Or, like me, are you still hoping for someone else?

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im a bit bummed with the overall roster but, there are some real winners in the group, for instance i think Shuma-Gorath is ridiculous, why on earth would he be in the game, She-Hulk is just the HULK so what the hell, also Capcom has some very interesting and bold choices but some completely bizarre ones as well, who in gods name cares about Trish seriously 
Either way the game looks like its shaping up pretty damn well so, cant wait, day one purchase for me

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@SolidOcelot:  She-Hulk doesn't play anything like Hulk.
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i think Shuma will be a hero here, helping the heroes to beat Dormammu. just my guess.
they also say green Goblin can also be seen in the art.
I still think Shuma deserves more to be in this game than Dormammu.
But whatever happens, I'm definitely gonna have this game

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@SolidOcelot Any true MvC fan has at least some appreciation for Shuma. He's bananas! Also Trish is an extremely interesting character gameplay wise and is likely to gain a large following in this game based on playstyle alone.

@rbysjti Capcom had a hard enough time convincing Marvel to put Shuma in, I can't imagine they'd also let them drastically change his nature and character. Shuma is pure malevolent evil.

But fuck yeah Taskmaster! Too bad they probably won't have that mango Sentinel.
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In other news, there's a Marvel villain named Taskmaster.

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I have been exposed to comics discussions and I believe that Taskmaster deserves to be in the game because he's one of the best street level fighter in marvel Comics. He might even be the best.
    Really??? I see. Cyclops would have been better.

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Pleased about Taskmaster. Otherwise meh.

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Fuck...Skeletor's in the game.

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@SolidOcelot said:

" im a bit bummed with the overall roster but, there are some real winners in the group, for instance i think Shuma-Gorath is ridiculous, why on earth would he be in the game, "

Because he plays unlike any other character and was very popular in MSH, MvSF and MVC2. 
@SolidOcelot said: 

" She-Hulk is just the HULK so what the hell, "

Did you even watch the trailer? They don't play, look or act anything alike. Oh, I get it. They both have Hulk in their name so they must be identical, right? She-Hulk is one of the most popular Marvel characters and is very welcome in this game. 
Do your research.
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Say what  Hsien-ko  is going to be in the game!?! 
I was on the fence before but now i'm buying this day one.  Always thought she would be perfect for the vs. games with her crazy moves. 
My Darkstalkers team is set, now I just gotta get into the type of fighting that comes out of a vs. game...

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haggar and phoenix... mad hype for haggar could care less about jean.... woot

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