What characters would you like to see in MvC3?

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#51 Edited by breadfan (6803 posts) -

Wesker, since he has basically been turned into a crazy kung-fu master in Resident Evil 5 already.

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#52 Posted by TheComet (13 posts) -

I've got a few I've been wishing to see in MvC (MUGEN has held me over in the meantime hahah) 
-Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers): Loved how nicely you could chain his charge attack and nun-chuck attacks together, and he's a genuinely cool looking character to boot. 
-RE5 Jill (Resident Evil): RE5's Jill has some potential to be a pretty crazy speed and combo character 
-Deadpool (Marvel): It's deadpool. enough said. 
-Daredevil (Marvel): I could see a Gambit-y polearm fighter out of him with a counter move similar to Cammy's. 
-Alex (Street Fighter): One of my old faithfuls from Street Fighter 2 
-Phoenix (Marvel): Not sure how she'd be made, probably a mix between Magneto and Rogue 
-Demitri (Darkstalkers): Midnight Bliss. come on I know you want it. 
-Tech Romancer boss (Tech Romancer): can't remember the name offhand, but he was one mean boss.
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#53 Posted by AltonBrown (983 posts) -


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#54 Edited by Demigonis (194 posts) -
Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Ghost Rider
Jean Grey (and/or Phoenix)
Apocalypse (Probably as a huge character)
Black Widow 
Human Torch
Black Cat 
Doctor Octopus
Silver Sable 

Phoenix Wright
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#55 Edited by myketuna (1842 posts) -

I'm happy so far with the cast of characters announced, but I'm gonna list some characters that will probably not make it in. But just to get REALLY crazy...


Bishop (the most likely out of any of these)
The Mandarin
Mr. Sinister (second most likely)


Gene (the most likely out of any of these)
Dan Smith
Vanessa Z. Schneider
The Mega Twins/Chiki-Chiki Boys (Ice Climbers-like character in a Capcom fighting game anyone?)
The Scorpion (no not THAT one, just follow the link)
Mike Haggar (second most likely)
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#56 Posted by AgentJ (8995 posts) -
@Diamond said:
" @AgentJ: I definitely agree, Belmont would be awesome, but I'd like to have Solid Snake and Samurai Pizza Cats from Tatsunoko since they didn't make it into TvC! "
I second Snake.
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#57 Posted by Petturi (67 posts) -

 I would like to see these characters in the roster:
Ghost Rider
Frank West

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#58 Edited by lordofultima (6576 posts) -

Deadpool, Dante, Nightcrawler, Phoenix Wright, Captain America, Carnage. That is all.

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#59 Posted by Gambit (783 posts) -

It better have Gambit I gotta be able to kinetic Card and Cajun Strike assholes.

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#60 Posted by mazik765 (2364 posts) -

Marvel - Thor, Deadpool, Moonknight, Black Panther, War Machine
Capcom - Protoman, Frank West, Dante

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#61 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

Young Dante (From DMC3) 
Mega Man (8-bit, fully pixelated Mega Man; none of this Legends BS) 
Roll (You can't defeat the almighty Roll class) 
Dr. Wily 
Red Hulk 
That's all I can think of

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#62 Posted by EvilDingo (651 posts) -

Mike Hagger (Final Fight)
Nathan "Rad" Spencer (Bionic Commando)
Guy (Final Fight)
Super Joe (Commando) 
Strider (Strider) 
That dog from Okami :-) 
... and Wiki from Zack and Wiki - just so I can kill him.

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#63 Posted by Linkyshinks (11403 posts) -
  • Lei Lei
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#64 Posted by TheDarkPrince (205 posts) -

iwant the following: DeadPool, Nightcrawler, Rouge, Spiderman, Venom/Carnage, Jill Valentine, Okomi, Doc Ock, Misterio, Doctorstange, Silversurfer,  Jedah Dohma, Toad Wolverine with bone claws, BB Hood, and Dante. but comcom please altleast give me Rouge, Nightcrawler and Venom/Carnage
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#65 Posted by matrix_hiei (157 posts) -

Dante, Frank West, Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Zero, Gene, Deadpool, Maphisto, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Carnage, Punisher, Black Widow, and some Power Stone characters would be great.
As far as returning characters go, these are the most important for me:
Gambit, Spider-Man, Servbot, Venom, Strider, B.B. Hood, Doom, Rogue, War Machine, Hayato. If they are going to cut characters, I wouldn't mind seeing less from X-Men and SF.

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#66 Posted by zolloz89 (281 posts) -

my ideal roster would be ALL of mvc2 with some new marvel faces like deadpool and nightcrawler with more darkstalkers

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#67 Posted by AestheticSynthesis (429 posts) -

Everyone from MVC2.

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#68 Edited by Dan_CiTi (4459 posts) -

Dudley, Yun, Elena, Dante(DMC4), Gene, Amaterasu, Juri, Gouken, Seth, Gill, Jedah, Lei-Lei, Viewtiful Joe, Squirrel Girl, Deadpool, Blade, Nightcrawler, and Phoenix Wright.

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#69 Posted by Toxin066 (3461 posts) -

From Marvel: Toxin, Mr. Fantastic, and Deadpool
From Capcom: Viewtiful Joe, Dante, and a zombie with a chainsaw.

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#70 Posted by deactivated-57aaaa9329732 (1118 posts) -

Gene from God Hand, The Mega Twins, Mike Haggar, anyone from Power Stone, Phoenix Wright, Zack and Wiki...

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#71 Posted by Butano (1992 posts) -

If they have Deadpool do this, instant Day 1 buy for me.

      Shoryuken: The Ultimate Abortion
      Shoryuken: The Ultimate Abortion
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#72 Posted by obscurefan (298 posts) -

I would love to see the Sentry/The Void as the final boss. But as far as playable characters I was really hoping for Leon Kennedy but I think he might be out now that Chris is in. I'd also love to see a bonus stage where you fight Multiple Man and the goal is just to see how many of his copies you can beat up in a time limit (think the car stage in street fighter)

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#73 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

I know who I absolutely wouldn't want to see: Phoenix Wright.  I'm seeing him being suggested by people all over the place and I can't understand why.  He's an effing lawyer!  He's not a fighter in any way, shape or form!  He would stick out like a sore thumb with all the other characters.  I love the Phoenix Wright games, but this wouldn't do at all.  At all!

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#74 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4714 posts) -

I'm not much of a fan of fighting games, but if this has Gambit and Deadpool, I'm sold.  X-Men Legends II got me hooked on those characters, so that it doesn't matter what kind of game it is, so long as I can play as them, I want it.

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#75 Posted by LukMarques (13 posts) -

The two companies have so many good characters. I don't know exactly my ideal roster list, but crazy Capcom characters like Viewfull Joe and Phoenix Wright (using "objection!" and "hold it!" as powers like the producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom said in a interview) are certain a good choice.
Oh c'mon people, do you really want to see Deadpool? I'm tired of Deadpool, and you?

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#76 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Frank West.
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#77 Posted by godzilla_sushi (1276 posts) -

Definitely E. Honda this time around. Mega Man of course, although I should expect him right? Also, Super Joe!

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#78 Posted by MasturbatingBear (1804 posts) -

Gambit...Please just keep Gambit in there.

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#79 Posted by RichardLOlson (1904 posts) -

1. Punisher
2. DeadPool
3. Carnage
4. Stan Lee
5. Spider Carnage

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#80 Posted by CanadianBaconX (177 posts) -

Mahvel: Deadpool, Spider Woman, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel (Sooo not gonna happen...)
Capcom: Wesker, E. Honda, Cammy and especially Tofu

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#81 Posted by jakob187 (22822 posts) -

Viewtiful Joe. 

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#82 Posted by Redbullet685 (6418 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
" Barry Burton... that is all. "
This and Kenneth.... oh wait. Well then I guess Enrico would be fine.... Oh wait. Forrest... Joseph.... Wesker? Ok then, Wesker would be cool.
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#83 Posted by obcdexter (904 posts) -



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#84 Posted by deathfury (494 posts) -

Iron Patriot please!

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#85 Posted by obcdexter (904 posts) -


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#86 Posted by D (261 posts) -

One word, wait for it.......Nemesis! Proto man would be cool to. On Marvel side I would love to see Ghost Rider and Punisher in the mix.

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#87 Posted by MVP1101 (231 posts) -

 Zero, Iron Patriot,   Viewtiful Joe, Silver Surfer, Darkwing  Duck and Jean Reno

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#88 Posted by Rebirth1337 (849 posts) -
@DeathbyYeti said:
" I wonder if this would pretty much be Tatsunoko vs Capcom but Marvel on PS3 and Xbox 360 "
I would rather have Marvel than tatsunoko any day.
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#89 Posted by John_Bender (101 posts) -

B.B Hood, Viewtiful Joe and Machine Man (Marvel super hero)

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#90 Posted by Kefkaesque (203 posts) -

Hit-Girl, Hit-Girl, and also Hit-Girl.

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#91 Posted by TheHT (14038 posts) -

The motherfuckin Batman. He don't care it's Marvel vs Capcom, the Batman goes where he wants and beats up who he wants.

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#92 Posted by ApolloJ85 (256 posts) -

Anyone for Speedball/Penance? 

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#93 Posted by ryanwho (12011 posts) -
@Kefkaesque said:
" Hit-Girl, Hit-Girl, and also Hit-Girl. "
Seriously guys, the Marvel brand doesn't begin and end in the Marvel universe. Nothing new worth a damn has come out of there in decades. You gotta look outside that. You gotta look at Icon, son.
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#94 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Chuck Greene, Gene Godhand and Deadpool.

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#95 Edited by Dan_CiTi (4459 posts) -
@StaticFalconar said:

" @JJOR64: There's no MVC3 board because the game isn't official yet.   But, of course all the returning characters from MVC2.   Add in:  Wesker (RE5) Dante (DMC) Deadpool  Thorany capcom characters they had in TVC  and since they actually made big screen characters viable in TVC, bring in a playable version of apocalypse, or onslaught. They don't even have to look the same since those boss versions were never meant to be played.  "

No way, MvC2 had so many bad/worthless/boring characters. I'd prefer the roster be built from the ground up.  

" Deadpool is a must.  I think they need to represent the SFIV series somehow, but I'm not sure which character would fit the role. I supposed the most obvious choice would be C.Viper, but I was never fond of her.  "

Juri, Gouken and Seth would probably be the best characters from SFIV to bring into MvC3. 
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#96 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

Phoenix Wright!

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#97 Posted by RATZGobbler (10 posts) -

Doctor Strange 
Iron Fist 
Fantastic Four 

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#98 Edited by kingfrogger666 (61 posts) -
@JJOR64: Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Venom, Spider-Man, Apocalypse, Kraven the Hunter, Mickey Mouse, Dante, Nightcrawler, Rulk, Iron Patriot, Hakan, Juri, Broly, Ares, Thor, Captain America, Hulkbuster Ironman, Frank West, Juggernaut, Chun-Li, Deadpool and Carnage. 
The list could go on forever because both Marvel and Capcom have so many great characters but these are my favourites
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#99 Edited by seriouschris (28 posts) -

From the Capcom side: Albert Wesker, Nemesis, Mr.X, Leon Kennedy, Dante, Akuma  H.U.N.K and Barry Burton. From the Marvel side: Spiderman, Venom, Terror inc., Deadpool, Punisher, Rulk, Ghost rider, Vengeance, Red skull, Sandman, Hydro-man and Juggernaut.

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#100 Posted by 617_jbug (463 posts) -

Was watching the ECT2 stream on Saturday and they said that Dr. Wily and Nero is in the game.

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