What characters would you like to see in MvC3?

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@Stang said:
" @Rhaknar said:
" @Stang said:
" Ken. "
@Jeffsekai said:
" @Stang said:
" Ken. "
NO  "
:( "
#103 Posted by dbz1995 (4790 posts) -

Charlie Tunoku
Dr Octopus
The Punisher

#104 Posted by Defias (171 posts) -

I dream of one day where a fighting game will be like mugen. But not flawed and is balanced, fun to play

#105 Posted by dudeglove (8161 posts) -

Phoenix Wright

#106 Posted by luce (4045 posts) -
#107 Posted by Zen313 (94 posts) -

Dante, Leon S. Kennedy and some unknown Marvel characters. Maybe add Dusk. They better have unlockable alternate costumes.

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I would also like to see Samanosuke from Onimusha and also a powerstone character edward or Ryoma would be good.

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