What Control Scheme are you using on your Fightstick

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So I am having a hard time getting adjusted to the controls of this game coming from MvC2 and never having played TvC.  No fourth attack button is really throwing me off when tagging in characters in particular.  Just wondering what people have found to work? 
I originally tried a custom setup similar to MvC2, but that didn't really work and wasn't really necessary since tagging isn't a 2 button press:
M  H  A1
L  S  A2
I am currently running a variation of  basic B (beta?) setup with  M H S on top and L A1 A2 on the bottom, and using the extra 2 buttons as A1 and A2 again.  So:
M  H  S  A1
L A1 A2 A2 
This way I can go L-M-H-S from index to pinky finger.  It would be nice to have a dedicated x-factor button or to set the tagging to specific button combinations.
Anyway I guess I am just looking for ideas before I get too deep as I am sure lots of people have had issues switching.  
Also, what is the standard supposed to be (if they were to release an arcade version)?  I am guessing this, but not sure:
S A1 A2
Sorry for rambling.

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L M H 
S A1 A2  
That is the standard layout.

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Right now I'm using  
M H S 
L A1 A2 
Might try some other setups later.

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@groin said:
" L M H S A1 A2   That is the standard layout. "
This is exactly what I'll be using. When you say standard layout, is that the default.
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i started off using the beta layout, but when playing akuma i kept wanting to do hurricane kick and hit s instead 
so now im using  
m h s 
l a1 a2

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@GetEveryone: thats what im using it aint the default... think its type b 
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@Thiago123 said:
"  It would be nice to have a dedicated x-factor button
You have forever in most situations to KFC moves.  Hitting all 4 attacks isn't a big deal compared to the overly complicated SF4 FADC input.
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The standard MvC3 arcade stick layout, the beta in the configuration for my SFIV SE Fightstick: 
L M  H 
S A1 A2

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I went with:
...because my fingers are more fluent than my thumb actions which also influence how I hold the stick in my other hand. It's pretty comfortable for me.

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beta, it just feels right.

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S H P2 L+M

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Great!  Thanks for the input.  It seems like beta is the most popular since it considered the standard arcade layout (L M H / S A1 A2).  I switched back to this and am starting to like it, but I still hit S a lot trying to get an L out.  I'm still struggling with the placement of the partner buttons, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  Funny to see that other people were trying the same custom layouts I had earlier.
OK so next... a lot of people responded with their layouts, but most didn't include what they were using the last two buttons if they are using the common 8 button sticks.  So, are people leaving them unassigned to keep the 6 button feel, or what are you using them for?  I know this is mostly personal and I just need to experiment, but again, just for conversation and ideas.

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I use Beta with a slight variation
L M H A1
S  -  -  A2

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L   M    H       S
1   2   1+2   L+M+H

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L - M - H 
S - 1 - 2

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Are fight sticks really THAT much better?? I was never really a cabinet fighter, so I think it would feel weird to me...so is this a "I'm used to it thing" or a "Once you get it, you will never go without" kinda deal? 
PS My fav fighting game now is BlazBlue

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