Disney Purcahses Marvel... For 4 Billon Dollars.

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This is crazy.. I am totally shocked by this, I love Marvel and cannot believe Disney, who I fucking hate, have bought them.

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Somehow I doubt this spells the end for marvel. However, as a person who only cares about Disney because of Pixar (because everything else they have can pretty much go to hell), I doubt this will spell anything good for Marvel's future.

#54 Posted by Gearhead (2377 posts) -

Disney bought Miramax back in the 90's. I have no worries that they will meddle with Marvel.

#55 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

It's too unpredictable right now to get upset, whatever long lasting effects this buyout will have I don't think were going to see it anytime soon. (WHICH IS A GOOD THING.) 
My main concern, as is everyone's, is that Disney stays far and away from major decisions regarding how Marvel runs itself. A "G" rated X-men sing-a-long is not my idea of a fun time. Let Marvel be Marvel. 
It looks like from early reports this seems to be the case. People tend to forget that Disney owns a lot of things. As PenguinDust said, they are the #1 media conglomerate in the U.S. 
My prediction is that Disney is seeing the superhero movie craze, and wants in on some of the action. How hands on they will be we will see in time, although reports that Disney themselves have a say on re-examining Marvel video game deals is something that bothers me for the long term. 
From Kotaku
Lowell Singer, Disney's senior vice president of investor relations

 "While we have been steadily moving in the direction of video game integration, we don't rule out the blend of licensing and self-produced and distributed video games.

"As these licensing deals expire we have the luxury of considering what's best for the company and the products."

What's good for the company, and more importantly for the products, is a collaborative effort between Marvel and variety of good game studios. I don't have to be a suit to tell you that the more different creative takes their are on a property in the video game industry, the higher chance of experimentation and success there is. Not all Marvel titles in the past have been AAA masterpieces, (They CAN do better: Most have been problematic in regards to the classic problem of fitting a game development schedule to a movie development schedule.) but for the most part we've had surprising success with the likes of Raven's Marvel: UA and more recently X-men Origins.
The concept of moving all Marvel game properties to be made in-house at Disney disturbs me. We need to know more about what their long term outlook is.
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Wolverines World of Illusion! IT WILL BE MADE!!!1

#57 Posted by dbz1995 (4959 posts) -
@Cube said:
" Aw CRAP "
Your picture supports this comment well.
#58 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -
@twillfast said:
" Wolverines World of Illusion! IT WILL BE MADE!!!1 "
I'm down with that.
PS Comicvine is having a meltdown, don't go to the official thread for this over there, you will become measurably stupider.
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Hey spiderman whats that on your finger?
Its my mandatory purity ring.

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@Sir_Hugo_Sherwodywody said:
" Hey spiderman whats that on your finger? Its my mandatory purity ring.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "
Haha, nice one.

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