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Known as Pierre, he is one of the students who recently transferred to Eiden school. He is a good friend of Kazushi, Appo-, and Daigo. The four guys look up to Panchu as a big brother figure and deeply respects and fears Yagami.

Pierre is very friendly and takes every opportunity to hook up with a girl, but with no result. He introduces himself to Ran, Haruka, and Mizuki as Pierre and Ran criticized him saying that he adopted a French name to appear more attractive to girls.

Pierre reminded Kazushi about the upcoming welcoming party. He suggested giving flowers to the girls during the party to boost the guys' reputation. Kazushi suggested the white flowers that he saw on the first day. The white flowers turned out to be an important ingredient in alchemy experiments and the Principal decided to expel the guys. The girls showed up to defend them explaining that they did not know the significance behind the flowers.

Later when Appo- and Hu-sen went on a date, the player can choose to spend the weekend with the guys. Daigo reveals a naughty magazine featuring a model who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mei. Pierre decided to produce a giant copy of the picture using the photocopy machine in the staff room. Mei walked in on them and kicked them out of the staff room.

During the Principal's overnight alchemy experiment, Pierre suggested that the group goes to the beach for the summer break. His motive was quickly discovered by Mizuki but she agrees anyway because she wanted to swim.

Later during lunch at the cafeteria, the cafeteria lady called Pierre a kid which brought up horrible memories of his past. When he was younger, he visited a brothel to lose his virginity. He was serviced by a middle-aged woman and the event left a horrific scar on him ever since. That night, he spent the night drunk with a cafeteria waitress and the guys noticed that the waitress acted strangely happy and treated Pierre especially well.

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