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Fuku-san is a live-in student of Iwao Hazuki, and together with Ryo, has been practising the Hazuki form of jujitsu for ten years. Although he is not related, he is like a brother to Ryo and son to Iwao and Ine Hayata. He is a slow learner but honest and hard-working, qualities that led to Iwao taking him in to train. He admires Ryo's martial arts skill and bravery, but tries to dissuade Ryo from travelling to Hong Kong to take revenge on Lan Di. He eventually respects this decision, and even breaks open his piggy bank to offer Ryo his life savings for a boat ticket. Although he is portrayed as rash and impulsive, Ryo has faith in him as exhibited on numerous occassions where he comes to Fuku-san for advice and discussion. His bravery is also shown during Ryo's fight with Chai at the You Arcade in Dobuita - a winnable encounter but one that is stacked heavily against the player, Fuku-san comes to the rescue if the player loses the fight. He is infatuated with Akemi Sato, a hostess at Bar Yokosuka, and drinks there to be around her.

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