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Masayuki is the only child of his family. He is very attractive and models for a girl's magazine. Sarina had met him once when she attended a gathering when she was younger. Chie explained that he attends a prestigious school.

First meeting with Shikanosuke

Masayuki first met Shikanosuke when his school visited Ohbi's school festival during Shikanosuke's first year. The tennis club held an exhibition where its members dressed in drag. Msasayuki fell madly in love with Shikanosuke and followed him to a secluded spot. Masayuki kissed him and declared his love for Shikanosuke.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Masayuki's school visited Ohib's school festival again. There he witnessed Shikanosuke performing on stage with the Second Literature Club band. Shikanosuke introduced himself as 'Shikako'. Later when the Second Literature Club band performed at STAR GENERATION's 5th year anniversary, Masayuki delivered Shikanosuke a bouquet of roses and declared his undying love for him.

Later when the Second Literature Club band traveled to Uzumasa Movie Village, Masayuki posted on the band's blog that he wishes to meet Shikanosuke there. Masayuki showed up dressed in a Shinsengumi officer outfit and chased Shikanosuke around the place. Eventually, Shikanosuke decided to confront Masayuki and revealed the truth.

Masayuki was unfazed. He claimed that love transcends gender and is willing to move to a country that legalized gay marriage. Shikanosuke insisted that he is straight so Masayuki suggested that he could use his family's substantial wealth to perform a sex change operation.

Female Masayuki

If the player accepts, Shikanosuke explained that he was attracted to Masayuki's wealth. Shikanosuke's relationship with the girls turned sour and the tour ended on a bad note. Masayuki lost contact with Shikanosuke for a period of time. Kirari joined STAR GENERATION. Some time later, Masayuki showed up totally transformed and wished to further their relationship.

If the player declines, Kirari commented that Shikanosuke could have a better life if he was born a girl.

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