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#1 Posted by jamielfc25 (17 posts) -

Who is your favourite team mate in Mass Effect 1 or 2? 
I always take Garrus, as he's been by my side through both games. But I also love the quiet badass Thane, as you can probably tell from my Avatar.

#2 Posted by papercut (3450 posts) -

Garrus all the way. Every one is pretty good though. except for Jacob. F that guy.

#3 Posted by OJ (42 posts) -

Grunt is always in my team purely because he's a tank and hardly ever gets taken down when you bump his fortification up. He can also wield the assault rifle and shotgun so he's useful in most situations. I usually go with Garrus along side cause I love his quips and packs the sniper rifle.

#4 Posted by LiquidPrince (15848 posts) -

First game, probably Wrex or Liara, and in the second game Thane and Miranda.

#5 Posted by Dtat (1623 posts) -

I'm a big fan of Tali. I just think she's a great character overall. Plus her tech powers are the reason I was able to get through insanity in ME2. My second slot usually gets filled by Mordin, because that guy is hilarious! He was definitely the best addition in ME2.
#6 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1286 posts) -

 ME1: Adept-Shepard + Liara + Tali/Garrus - double Singularity and Stasis in addition to Overload, Hack, Sabotage
ME2: Adept-Shepard + Legion + Miranda - Hate using Miranda but she adds HP and Attack damage to the whole squad, also has Overload/Warp, Legion brings Hack, Combat Drone and Infinite Widow rounds - can deal with just about any situation given the powers on hand.

#7 Posted by wealllikepie (756 posts) -

miranda for the second one because SHE HAS NICE ASS and also cuz she has both kinetic and engineering skills. in the first game i just loved wrex cuz hes such a badass :P

#8 Posted by Tyashki (211 posts) -

Garrus. Especially with the female shepard romance added. That was so cute and hilarious.

#9 Posted by mau64 (539 posts) -

Garrus and miranda for ME2. I banged Miranda ;)

#10 Posted by Tyashki (211 posts) -
@mau64 said:
"I banged Miranda ;) "
Achievement Unlocked. :P
#11 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1171 posts) -

Easily Wrex

#12 Posted by Vao (326 posts) -

Mainly used   Garrus and Tali though the first and second game on my first play though, in two i found Grunts, Thane pretty awesome characters. 

#13 Posted by DXmagma (317 posts) -

grunt is by far my favorite. legion is a close second.
though i always use grunt and garrus, as they fit my play style perfectly.

#14 Posted by xyzygy (9899 posts) -

Garrus by far. Thane and Legion are tied for second.

#15 Posted by Dork_Metamorphosis (251 posts) -

I usually play a soldier so I'll take Tali and whichever biotic I like.  In the first one it was Liara. 

#16 Posted by xMP44x (2193 posts) -
Mass Effect: Ashley and Garrus. 
As I haven't played Mass Effect 2, I don't know what my character set-up would be. I normally brought Ashley along for the additional firepower. I brought Garrus because he was a badass. I didn't really concern myself with the different powers they had, as I'm a direct kind of player. I rely mainly on firepower in games more than any other powers. It's probably the wrong way to approach Mass Effect, but it's the method I used anyway.
#17 Edited by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

I find Legion the most interesting, but always take Garrus and Miranda out to the parties.  In the first game it would usually depend on the playthrough but I would usually take Ashley and Kaidan.

#18 Posted by ZombiePie (5587 posts) -

When you got Legion his special sniper rifle and increased his damage output instead of increasing his health he became the most powerful companion in the game because his shots became one hit kills.

#19 Edited by ajamafalous (11859 posts) -

Wrex, obviously.

I rolled Wrex/Garrus in 1 and Garrus/Thane in 2.

#20 Posted by Choi (536 posts) -
@TimAllen624 said:
" Easily Wrex "
and Grunt in ME 2.
#21 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8698 posts) -

Wrex/Garrus in ME1 (The other companions were meh).
Grunt/Subject Zero in ME2.
Krogan's are just bad ass and unstoppable, Garrus due to lack of interesting squaddies in ME1 and Jack is just a bad ass character, even if her combat skills are mediocre.

#22 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Easily Wrex, followed by Garrus.

#23 Posted by mazik765 (2315 posts) -

Everyone except for Jack and Ashley...they were awful. Kaiden and Jacob were meh.

#24 Posted by SmasheControllers (2544 posts) -

Wrex and Kaiden for ME 
Thane and Tali for ME2

#25 Posted by macker33 (55 posts) -

In ME 1 definately Tali,so useful for scavaging and geth are never a worry with her around

#26 Posted by pepsicolagirl (163 posts) -

Wrex and Thane

#27 Posted by RE_Player1 (7550 posts) -

Wrex or Garrus. 

#28 Posted by JoeyRavn (4949 posts) -

I've only played ME1, but Garrus is my favorite, by far. I'm playing the "new game+" with Garrus and Liara as a Vanguard.

#29 Edited by PhatSeeJay (3322 posts) -

ME1: Liara & Kaidan  (though Kaidan's such a puss.. Liara did the "make sure he's dead"-thing when I brought the duo to the end fight)
ME2: Miranda & Mordin

#30 Posted by Atom (195 posts) -

ME 1: Ashley & Wrex, pretty much all the way through the game (I didn't get the Krogan Ally achievement, oddly enough). My Sentinel defintely needed the tank support and firepower, since I really didn't know what I was doing for the first few hours
ME 2: Miranda plus either Thane or Garrus, playing as a Soldier.

#31 Posted by RookieCookie (3 posts) -

Pretty much used Wrex and Tali during ME1. (Wrex survived even, so fudge yo' couch Ashley), pretty much because I met them early on in the game and wanted the achievments. Should be noted that Ashley died as well.
During ME2 however, I usually mix up my team a bit, but I think of Jacob and Miranda as a good combination, especially if you go as a soldier, you provide long range, they do the rest.

#32 Posted by heavyplay (294 posts) -

As much as I don't like her, for me Miranda is the best in a fight because she has both Overload and Warp.
#33 Posted by Redbullet685 (6027 posts) -

Either Wrex or Garrus.

#34 Posted by GunstarRed (5038 posts) -

Thane, Mordin and Legion are all equally awesome.
#35 Posted by Grilledcheez (3943 posts) -

Thane was pretty sweet

#36 Posted by Jimbo (9775 posts) -

Jenkins.  Never Forget.

#37 Posted by Alcamin (151 posts) -

It's got to be Garrus for me (not surprising considering my avatar :P), although Tali would be a pretty close second. She's just so adorable! The series has such a strong cast of characters though, I actually feel bad for choosing. The only character that I never really cared about much Ashley, Kaidan and Zaeed, but even they I can't say I actually dislike. Well, maybe Zaeed. Yeah, that guy can go to hell.

#38 Posted by JessicaBoo (404 posts) -

really depended on what i was doing. But on ME1 once i had Wrex it was Wrex all the time!! Loved him and Garrus or Tali. 
ME2 was between, Miranda, Jack, Tali and Garrus, but i can say that i used all of them but the Geth or Samara i really hated those two characters. 

#39 Posted by Oni (2095 posts) -

Miranda, every time. Warp and Overload make her useful in every scenario, and the passive buffs are very nice to have. Playing as a vanguard, teammates are only there for their abilities and passive buffs, occasionally they freeze something with squad cryo ammo while I kill everything.

#40 Posted by kagato (898 posts) -

Garrus in both games, hes my go to guy, hes got my back! ^_^

#41 Posted by BibleDoctor (698 posts) -
#42 Posted by Bouke (1401 posts) -

In Mass Effect 1 i always had Liara and Ashley and in ME2 i usally brought Miranda and Samara. Overall i feel the second game has more memorable characters.

#43 Posted by Raymayne (1226 posts) -

Jack by a long long way.

#44 Posted by N0_va (29 posts) -

ME1 Wrex & Tali

ME2 Tali & Garrus/Miranda

#45 Posted by Sjosz (485 posts) -

In terms of who I want to bring to survive Insanity:
ME1: Liara and Ashley. Spamming Liara's biotic stuff and Ashley to provide additional levels of beefcake.
ME2: Miranda and Mordin. Mordin's Heavy Incinerate and Miranda's Heavy Warp and Heavy Overload make those near impossible fights way more bearable.
In terms of who I think is awesome as a character:
ME1: Wrex, Garrus. Wrex for being a complete bad-ass constantly, and Garrus for some pretty nuanced character progression when it comes to arresting/killing a criminal.
ME2: Wrex, Jack, Mordin. Wrex, still being a bad-ass, Jack for her character development and Mordin for being hilarious and quirky.

#46 Posted by DonPixel (2585 posts) -

ME1: Wrex 
M2: Grunt and Legion

#47 Posted by SuperEvilDOOM (30 posts) -

In the original game it depends entirely on your own character to see who compliments your class best. In Mass Effect 2, it's Miranda. She's the best all-around party member by far. Having Warp and Overload gives her versatility to help with all types of enemies and her Cerberus Leader class ability makes the party as a whole do more damage and have more health.

#48 Posted by Gargantuan (1881 posts) -

I like the Wrex/Grunt and Garrus combination.
Has anyone noticed that in ME 1 that all the women are pure classes (100% biotic etc)   
And they say men can't multi-task! ;P

#49 Posted by FreakAche (2950 posts) -

Garrus, Mordin, Tali, Miranda, Wrex... who am I kidding? They're all great!

#50 Posted by NTM (7269 posts) -

I don't know. I like them all pretty much. At first I didn't, but gradually liked them over time. I was somewhat disspointed that I couldn't get Wrex with me in the second. But didn't really matter in the end.

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