Can i play a new me2 game as femshep and ashley alive?

#1 Posted by PaolaMeza20 (4 posts) -

i just bought ME2 and wanna play as femshep but with ashley alive, is that possible without ME1 saved game?

#2 Posted by Fearbeard (863 posts) -

What system did you get it on? I know PS3 comes with a system where you can make the big choices from the first game. I would imagine there would be a way to make some choices in character creation but I can't remember right off hand.

#3 Posted by believer258 (12689 posts) -

I don't know exactly. I would guess that the answer is "yes".

It's not really a big deal if you can't. Neither character has much to do with Mass Effect 2, which is about seventy five percent of the reason why it's often considered the best game in the series. I might have rounded that up too much.

#4 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

If on PC, then there are several editors to make your own save to manage that.

On PS3 you can use that graphic novel thing to do that.

On 360 there is the graphic novel thing, but i THINK its paid DLC i could be wrong, it might be free, check that out. Otherwise it defaults to the opposite sex person living. At least I think so, maybe its in mirandas "quiz". It's been awhile.

#5 Posted by moffattron9000 (388 posts) -

If your playing on PS3, then it's configurable at the start. On PC, just get a editing program. On 360 get the DLC Genesis, which costs 320 MS points.

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