Cerberus Pack unavailable?

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Ok so here's the jimmy.

Finally getting round to replaying ME with all the DLC (of worth) and a full run (since ME1 became available on the PSN). My copy is preowned however so the cerberus network code wouldn't work. I went on the shop to look for the pack so I could buy it, as I was interested in Zaeed and the few other benefits and was planning on picking up Arrival anyway. However I couldn't find it anywhere on there.

I did a specific search and finally found it but it had the subtitle "Not available" under it and I couldn't download it.

After a little searching I found EA had done away with online passes, and I was wondering if this meant the cerberus network was now free. Upon booting up ME2 I got a patch (presumably for importing characters from 1.) The patch was titled "blah blah blah and DLC". So this reinforced my idea that the cerberus network was now free. However I played until I had 'freedom' where I could choose where to go to recruit people and I couldn't see the one for Zaeed. I noticed Kasumi and Overlord were available but they were always on disc for PS3 copies code or no code.

So does anyone know if it's just impossible to get the Cerberus Network anymore on PSN? Or will it just unlock later on in the game?

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I think the Cerberus Network is straight up offline for ME2. At least I think. All the DLC can be bought off PSN I believe, except I don't believe they ported all the DLC to PS3. Or I am entirely wrong, not sure.

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Couldn't see any of the Cerb network content available as a single buy on the PSN xP.

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