Enough there for a third playthrough? spoilers...

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I've finished Mass Effect 2 twice now and have all the achievements. Done all the DLC twice. I've played through with a mostly paragon manShep and a mostly renegade femShep.
I really, really enjoy this game and would like to dive in a third time, but I'm trying to decide if there's enough "new" or missed things and experiences to see with the various characters and story. Just playing a new class won't interest me that much on its own.
Anyone have a short list of cool, unique, etc... situations or dialogue or things to do that I might have missed doing 2 "normal" play throughs?  
Or even better, some things to do that might completely screw up how ME3 might turn out based on what you did.
Some things I've thought of so far:
- Get Legion as early as possible and bring him along to Tali's loyalty
- Or give Legion to Cerberus
- Don't even activate Grunt
- Fail all the loyalty missions that you can fail
- Recruit Zaeed and Kasumi earlier to trigger the minimum 8 required squad mates to advance the story. And then purposefully don't recruit/activate 4 other more story relevant members at all.
- See all remaining romance scenes
- See Shepard death scene
- Survive suicide mission with only 2 other, minor squad mates and let everyone else die (this even possible?)
Just looking at that stuff, I think I've convinced myself to play it again. Still, anything else that you guys can think of?

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If you're playing on the PC, you can mess around with the data files. My FemShep for one playthrough had a unique NPC-only hair and I've tweaked the ini files so that Adept is bearable on Insanity (specifically letting powers pass through shields thing). Go try modded saves (getting Legion and Tali before Garrus...and they do have dialog). 
Probably don't do any sidequests/just recruit and do the bare minimum from ME1 and 2 to see how it would affect the third?

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Before the DLC came out, i had played the game twice, gotten every achievement and pretty much did everything possible to do... but somehow i managed to play through about another 3 times. It really just depends on how much you enjoy the game.

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Killing all squad members except for one is probably the way to go. If Joker is the only one left, Shep will die. And that save file won't transfer to ME3.

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So far I've completed the game once with my main character Paragon Soldier FemShep - everyone survived. 
Now going through with a paragon Male shep Adept which is a lot of fun, it feels like a pretty different experience. 
Then gonna go through with a Renegade Infiltrator 'stereotypical badass Asian assassin'  FemShep and just be constantly negative to everyone and try and make everybody die in the end mission. 
Finally, gonna go through Insanity with my main character paragon soldier femshep! Should have all the trophies by then, and hopefully have seen everything I wanted to see!

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@the_hiro_abides said:
" Killing all squad members except for one is probably the way to go. If Joker is the only one left, Shep will die. And that save file won't transfer to ME3. "
So you can survive with only one squad member remaining? Wow. I have no idea how they are going to do ME3 with all those potential deaths from teammates. 
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I imagine it'll be similar to how they handled it between one and two. Namely you have a new team with maybe a squadmate or two from the second game. And the rest being mentioned somewhere in the third or some story bits. 
I'm hoping that having more characters surviving the second game actually make the third game harder. I'm mostly thinking that because if third game was harder with a blank slate save file, that would kind of suck.

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I don't remember an actual option to give Legion to Cerberus. I think your could only either put him on your squad, or leave him deactivated.

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Not recruit Zaeed until after you complete the game so you may kill him yourself at the end of his own loyalty mission.

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Absolutely dude. Totally worth it. There's just so much in that game, billions of conversations, and so much more to do.

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