Hang behind cover and flank best class

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I want to play ME2 in the style of mostly hanging behind cover and flanking, what would be the best class?

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#3 Posted by marcelo_20xx (9 posts) -

Infiltrator FTW, Cloak..Widow Snipe...head explodes...rinse and repeat. Seriously that class is a little OP. Aside from the Infiltrator you could also try a Detonator Adept Build.

#4 Posted by AngelN7 (3000 posts) -

Mmm Soldier? you only use guns with that class so you don't have any choice than stay behind cover if you wanna flank enemies then Infiltrator

#5 Posted by marcelo_20xx (9 posts) -

AR and an all assault charge is more efficient with the soldier, by the time AR is over there should not be any enemies

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