How much time did you spend minning?

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#51 Posted by laserbolts (5444 posts) -

@killacam: ok.

#52 Posted by morrelloman (634 posts) -

Just enough to drive me crazy.

I kind of like the mining. There is no reason to like it, but I did.

#53 Posted by gunstar (264 posts) -

I just beat ME2 for the first time last week and as I ended I realized I had ~300,000 minerals floating in each depository (except element zero, which was still pretty high by zero standards.) I don't know why I kept going, maybe I was thinking I would need it.

#54 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4114 posts) -

Mined quite a bit the first time.  The Mining mini-game turned the Xbox controller into a shiatsu massager 
& my balls were pretty pleased by this accidental discovery.  :) 

#55 Posted by alcor741 (104 posts) -

The first playthrough? 'Round 2-3 hours. The second? Just got lazy, downloaded a trainer and got my palladium that way.

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