I need help!!! Reaper IFF

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So I have done ALL loyalty missions, I got the geth Legion, and now trying to do his loyalty mission, he keeps saying ""Building concensus, please try later" I cant move on without his loyalty mission because I need to get through the O-4 Relay

#2 Posted by aceofspudz (937 posts) -

If you've already done the Reaper IFF mission, you should reload a save from before you did it and get all your loose ends (like loyalty missions) tied up.

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doesn't legion's loyalty mission only happen after you install the IFF?

#4 Posted by two_socks (315 posts) -

Nah, if you do it right, Legion's loyalty mission should be the 1 mission you have time for before the IFF gets ready on the Normandy. After you get back from it is when you trigger the next set of events.

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I always felt they fucked this bit up. They give you Legion way too late.

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You sure you finished all the other missions? You can't get Legion's if you haven't finished everything else. You're safe to do 2 missions after the Reaper IFF, so if you're only missing one you'd be fine.

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@royce_mccutcheon: I always felt they fucked this bit up. They give you Legion way too late.

Agreed Royce

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