I think I am becoming a tad paranoid (spoilers)

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Okay, so I think I have played Mass Effect more than any normal person should, and then some. 
Well here is what I am wondering: 
There is a series of missions (side missions) in Mass Effect that relate to Cerberus, the agency that you work for in Mass Effect 2. Now did you know that Cerberus was an arm of the Alliance? Well now you do.  Well anyway, after you complete the quest called "Blackmailer" or something from the med-clinic, you can talk to Anderson to find out that the blackmailer died, and if you want to find out more, that you should go speak to Admiral Khotaku (spelling?). In any case, you complete the first part of the quest and find out that Khotaku gets murdered - guess by who?! Cerberus! Before Khotaku dies, he gives you the coordinates to the base. So you go there, not knowing that Cerberus killed him yet, and find out that Cerberus has their hand in every cookie jar (haha, I just made that up) and doing research on Thorian indoctrinated people (Thorian creepers) and Rachni, and a lot of Rachni! This makes me wonder, how do they have Rachni when everyone thinks they are exist, and additionally how did they get them from peak 15 (on Hoth - er I mean Novaria). Well okay, so we now know that the cerberus people are doing research on various - things.... oh, forgot to mention, you wiped out a crapload of Cerberus operatives and researchers. Well anyway, then you find out Khotaku got killed by cerberus for digging too deep, but you then found out something new, from - guess who? - THE SHADOW BROKER!!!! *drumroll*. Well, he tells you that Cerberus has a main base on some planet, and you go there and kill everything, and steal all their research. Well then after, you can sell the info to the Shadow Broker or you can keep it. In any case What I mean is - to put it bluntly - screwed Cerberus real bad. 
Now, when BioWare described "You will be surprised to see what choices will carry over" I am wondering if Cerberus will hate you for what you did... Ideas?

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I I remember those missions, and it definitely would make things interesting, however(not 100% sure but) I believe I saw lists of what carries over several times now and they weren't one of the things that did.

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@pause422 said:
" I'm not 100% sure, because I remember those missions, and it definitely would make things interesting, however I believe I saw lists of what carries over several times now and they weren't one of the things that did. "
AFAIK those lists were not a) official or b) complete =( 
I would love to see a complete list 
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They probably won't love you for your actions, but with them taking an interest, and going through so much trouble, in getting you on their side, I'm sure they are willing to let bygones be. 
Shepard, on the other hand, can probably keep giving them crap on everything from the last game. My Sole Survivor Shepard is definately bringing up Akuze.
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I just finished the playthrough that I intend to have carry over and I didn't bother with the Cerberus side missions... lol oops. 

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The cerberus side missions were somewhat hidden if you didn't explore a lot or you rushed in blindly and killed the blackmailer quest guy (or not viseted the planet)  

@Red12b said:

I AM WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!! "
I have my tinfoil hat on, that will have no effect on me!
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I remember hearing about Cerberus in a Mass Effect trailer. Bioware's thorough enough where I think this choice will have some impact in ME2.

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Damn son. you could use the spoiler alert tool.  
EDIT: I read through your spoiler thinking what the hack and I saw it's actually pertaining to the first game.  
BTW, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out there to get you. 

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Yeah i do recall fucking their shit up in the first game, which makes the Illusive mans motivations for "reactivating" Shepard even more dubious. 
Wishing now I'd given the Shadow Broker the info about them.

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