I think my "Perfect Save Game" OCD has burnt me out on ME2.

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I have a problem.

It's a "Replay BioWare games over and over until you have a save file you can deem perfect" problem.

If it was just one save file, it'd be fine. No, though. I feel the need to make 4 separate save files for ME2. I currently have 1 completed (Not 100%, I have to go back and do LOTSB, and Arrival once PSN comes back up. ._.), and one half way done (I've already beaten LOTSB on that one). 

Thing is, I always play those games the EXACT same way, besides classes. I always go Paragon (except for the parts that seem to give you insta-renegade points), and do the quests mostly the same way. So, why do I have multiple save files? Because of the multiple romance options. My first file was a Miranda, my second one (Where I completed LOTSB) is a Liara import, and I plan to get one for Ashley and Tali as well. Though, I think my penchant for playing the games the exact same way every time has finally caught up with me. I can't even load up my second save without feeling an incredible sense of boredom wash over me, and it sucks. I want to get my save files before ME3 comes out (Luckily, it was delayed... D:), but I can barely play 20 minutes without shutting it off.

I guess I should turn this into a discussion: Has anyone else ever had this problem with ME2 (Or any Bioware Game, really)? Or am I the only one? D:

(Also, IIRC, this is my first major post... Despite being signed up for a long time. My apologies I somehow screwed up. xD) 

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Are you me? Because I have the same issue. About the fourth or fifth time I played through Mass Effect 1 just to have a save game to import where I romanced someone else or made a different decision I realized that I should probably take a break from the series for awhile...at least until Mass Effect 3 gets closer to release.

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A guy a live with is obsessed with getting every possible outcome on every Bioware game. I find it far to overwhelming and just play through once for my save. I get to see everything else through his obsession.

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I have the same problem with most Bioware games. I just want to see everything!

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The only reason I play through again is to have more fun.  I do do different things though.  Not obsessively.  Always do DLC too (I payed extra for that shit).

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I really don't understand the compulsion to get a "perfect" Mass Effect save. To me, the story has a much more emotional impact (and is more realistic) if some characters that I've teamed up with end up dying. The whole romance/death components aren't so that you can get the "right" ending, it's so that you can individualize your experience with the game.

One of the reasons I loved ME 2 so much was that characters could die, unlike 90% of film/literature/games where all the main characters are completely invincible. Maybe I just like slightly depressing endings...?
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I am the oppsite of that. I only play through once. What I get is what I stick with.
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Different tastes, is all. ^_^

I really enjoy the stories, but I also love having the story end happily... Or, however Happily it can end with the knowledge of an impending alien invasion looming over your head.

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