Is the downloadable PS3 version supposed to be real slow?

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The loading times are real bad, there's even loading times for when I want to look at my saves. And usually, on the 360 version, loading Shepard's cabin in the Normandy would be the quickest one, but in this version it takes as long as it does to load the CIC floor in the 360 version, which is to say it's kinda unusual. The game kinda looks better, except during some closeups of The Illusive Man's face, and in this case I think there is like one less Cinematic Light in use, something you can control in the PC version, in which you can have up to 3 at once.

I know, not really a big problem, but as someone who has foolishly purchased all versions of the game, I hope PS3 players don't get the shaft when it comes to Mass Effect 3 because man, these load times are seriously real bad. At least they provided the option to swap R1 with R2 and L1 with L2, effectively making the button mapping similar to the 360's (i.e. triggers for zoom/shoot).

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@rjayb89: Can't really compare without seeing both, but the load times on the PS3 disc were long, in every loading screen.

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Yup, the loading times are insane in the PS3 version. When I started playing the PC after the PS3 version I got very sad at how almost instant the loading screens were on PC.

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Putting a 7200 RPM hard drive, or if you're crazy an SSD, in the PS3 might help the load times a bit, I know that was the case with GT5.

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If anyone is looking to use an SSD, look into it carefully - it's expensive and I remember that it was only found an improvement in GT5 out of a decent sample size.

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The load times sucked for all versions of that game. Just gives you more time to think of how phat Amanda's ass is. Yea gurl, hehehe,

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@N7: Miranda, I remember the name of the ass as well

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