Lair Of The Shadow Broker Paragon/Renegade bug. SPOILER FREE.

#1 Posted by mordukai (7834 posts) -

So last night I went through the Lair of The Shadow Broker (PS3) mission and I noticed that I didn't get a single Paragon point throughout the whole mission. Now, I am assuming that if I didn't get any paragon points then the renegade points will also not show up. I remember getting a lot of points during that mission when I played it on the 360 so I am assuming it's it a bug.   I don't know if it's a rare thing or a permanent bug but thankfully I've had a backup save that didn't send me too far behind so I am gonna through with the mission again and see if that bug still there. I've already reported this to BioWare but I am wondering anyone here that played through that mission had the same happen to them. 

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