Mass Effect 1 PC Saves galore!

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Don't want to replay the first game? Want to use a level 60 save instead? Simply lost your saves altogether?
Worry no more. Thank your buddies over at for opening this site up to everyone. Check it out.

It is a hosting and listing of mass effect 1 saves for use in ME2. They are categorized by a number of different methods so you should be able to find the Shepard of your dreams.
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good find.

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For this, you deserve the Throne Of Heaven.

#4 Posted by MachoFantastico (5489 posts) -

That actually seems rather cool, still I'd recommend you play through the original. According to some early reviews knowing the overall story arch of the original makes the story in ME2 that much sweeter. 

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I would totally use that if I had a a mac.
I wonder if a new macbook under bootcamp would have ME2 work well...

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awesome saw Jeff Green tweet this a couple of days ago,
should be really helpful on a second or third playthrough

#7 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -
@roofy: Absolutely. Especially after playing it through with my level 58 soldier twice. I don't have it in me to play through a third time to get to level 60. I also could never find it in me to make certain decisions so this will provide some good variety (Udina is such a jerk.)
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I looked at that link but I don't really care to download any of them (or upload any of them for that matter). However if anyone is interested I would be glad to post my saves here. 

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Download mine! (Chris Shepard)

#10 Posted by Robiin (300 posts) -

Thanks for this, really!

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Wish the 360 had this feature. I had the first game for PC but that has died and I will have to get 2 for my 360. So unless bioware have made it so you can change decisions at the start of the game then no Wrex for me *sadface*

#12 Posted by essaregee (631 posts) -
@DapperDan: that's the complete opposite of me lol 
My 360 is dead so I had to get it for the PC. But my PC crunches games with ease.
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@Dany: When using Boot Camp, your Mac is essentially a PC. So if you've got the specs, you can run the game. 
#14 Posted by MachoFantastico (5489 posts) -

Loved the PC version of Mass Effect, of course there were the obvious performance improvements but I really digged the control setup. Prefered it to the console version.  
Though while I'm getting the PC version of ME2, I am rather intrigued to see how the console version plays. Have Mass Effect on console still so might playthrough on console at some point in the next year. 

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