Mass effect 2 digital or disk

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Hey guys, I was just wondering If there's any performance difference between the disk version of mass effect 2 on ps3 and the digital version. I have plenty of harddrive space that I might as well use so If there's any advantage to downloading like load times and the like I'd like to know. Thanks.

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I guess I'm old fashioned but I just like having a disc when given the option, even on PC but I don't think that there's a difference

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i say get the disc one. i say that because you don't know what sony or anybody is going to do next generation with downloads. i like having disc for my games. the PC though i use digital because it is pretty much where it went.

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You can't sell DLC is the way I look at it.

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no difference but the disk seems like the right choice.

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The disk most likely installs stuff to the HDD anyway, which might actually make it slightly faster

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