Mass Effect 2 "Overlord" DLC On The Way

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A fourth piece of PDLC for Mass Effect 2 will launch next month, EA has revealed, showcasing the content at yesterday's EA EU Showcase event in London.  

Titled 'Overlord', the new content contains "five levels set across one story on one planet", according to Mass Effect 2's executive producer Casey Hudson talking to us yesterday, and sees players battling through a laboratory in an attempt to thwart an enemy AI.
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Another enemy AI? They already had a few types of such a mission in the main game. =/ 
Can't judge too harshly I guess, until more info's given out.

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@Abyssfull: Yeah, it sounded very similar to a string of Geth side-quests in the game, but who knows! I'll still pick it up.
In retrospect, though, I wish Mass Effect got a big expansion more along the lines of DA... I don't know how much mileage I'm ultimately getting out of this DLC.
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AI is always an interesting concept in the Mass effect universe. i'd be interested to see what story they come up with.

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Not bad.  I wish they'd do a pinnacle station part 2.  The combat in ME2 is so much better than 1 that I'd be totally happy for horde mode and a RE5 style mercenaries mode for the game. 
The Linked Article said:

"   The content is also said to be less linear than other DLC released for Mass Effect 2 so far, with the player able to use the Hammerhead floating tank to explore the planet.  "
Hmm, I haven't heard positive things about Hammerhead levels though.  I hope this isn't going to be more of those.  If it is, I hope that they do it like ME1 where you can get out of the vehicle and take out enemies on foot if you want to.
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I really hope it's bigger than the last one. I enjoyed the hell out of the spy mission but It was over and done with  after about an hour.  it really need to be much bigger with a level increase or something.  level 30 was far, far too easy to reach in the main game.
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I wonder how much it will be.

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Hmm interesting. Will have to know more before deciding to pick this one up. 
The bigger question is how much will the DLC affect ME3? Will any guns/gear purchased be available in 3? or extra side missions and such..

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I'll be eager to take my badass lady Shepard back into the fray!!

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@MightyMayorMike said:
" In retrospect, though, I wish Mass Effect got a big expansion more along the lines of DA... I don't know how much mileage I'm ultimately getting out of this DLC. "
Yup, this. ME2 could seriously benefit from an oldschool expansion pack instead of petty DLC.
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Ah this must be the fabled 'A.I. Boning' DLC. Think this will do me well until The Geth and Krogan Boning DLC comes out.
BeardShep is fulfilled.

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The only problem I had with the Hammerhead were the levels. If they can do something more open world-y on this one, I can call that a step up.

The Hammerhead vehicle will function as your means of transport around the "hub" section of the planet, between the missions. 

 Yep, definitely a step up.
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Crap, means I need to actually finish the previous DLC with the assassin woman or I feel I'm just buying these DLC just cause they are part of ME2, lol. 
Another renegade A.I. tho? Can't help theres a surprisingly large number of them in ME, from the prequel novel, to ME1, to ME2 and now this.

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@SteamPunkJin said:
" Think I'll wait for another one after this to come out before jumping back in - unless of course they fuck up my S-Rank. "
Two new achievements.
I'm still sitting in the middle of my Insanity playthough, so I'll probably finish that up with this.
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*facepalm* when will people learn, AI is bad.
It's also bad for DLC since we've battled it so many god damn times that it's just boring now. Hopefully the background story of how it's apparently a threat to the planet will help win me over on this.

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But what if the enemy AI is GLaDOS?

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majestic spectacular

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