Mass Effect 2 [PS3 Controls]

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Playing from the Xbox 360 Controller so much it's pretty hard playing on the PS3 control (or me that is).  I thought there would be a option in the game to custom your own controls so it would feel a little at home for me to run through the game.  With 10 hours already in the game I'm still finding it a bit hard to get around the game my solider class.  If may just be me but wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem.  

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It's you
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Surely the controls on the PS3 match up exactly to the 360 ones?  (besides swapping the triggers over, which some games do)

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Are the controls not exactly the same?

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Actually, I always found ME2 to have weird controls on console. So much that I bought the game back on the PC after beating it on the 360. There, it controls perfectly like it should, at least to me. 
I've never had any problems with console shooters, in fact, I love them. But ME2 has something weird about the aiming that I can't put my finger on. Adjusting sensitivity didn't change anything.
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The controls are the exact same, except for L1/R1 shoot, L2/R2 powers. Like with every PS3 shooter.

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I understand kinda, I have trouble using the PS3 controller if I don't play for a while. I think for me, it's the sticks they feel too loose. 

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