Mass Effect 3 save import question

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#1 Posted by FreakAche (3049 posts) -

Has it been confirmed whether the missions/assignments/DLC that you play through on a save where you have already completed the main game carry over to ME3? I want to play through some of this content, but I'm confused as to whether it will carry over properly.

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#2 Posted by Jasta (2246 posts) -

It will all carry over. Especially because new characters have been added since. It'll all be just fine =D

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#3 Posted by thomsonliu (2 posts) -

I have got another question, c if any1 could help.

If i played ME2 in eu version, would i be able to import my save to me3 if im gona get ME3 in us version?

if not, is there any ways to transfer my eu ver save file to a us ver one?

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