Overlord or Kasumi?

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Ok so I just bought Arrival and have some pionts left over, which one should i get?  ( I already have shadow broker)
The dilemma I have is Kasumi seems like a really cool character but I have heard the story in overlord is pretty good.
 What do you guys think?
Thanks :)

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Kasumi is a pretty cool character, and Overlord does have a pretty good story...
If you're doing a new playthrough, Kasumi. Just continuing from a endgame save, just get Overlord for now.

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I would get both eventually, but for now, get Overlord.  Just turn your volume down a bit while you're playing (trust me)

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I would have chosen Kasumi myself. It's a bit more story personal to Shepard somehow while Overlord is more "shit's going on, go stop it... maybe?".
If you want some more diverse gameplay and more variation in vistas, go for Overlord.
If you want a good squad member, a new submachine gun and a sleak cocktail dress for female Shepard, go Kasumi.

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Overlord definitely, it was my favorite DLC while Kasumi was my least favorite.  Overlord actually has a story that is involving while Kasumi can be beaten in less than an hour.

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I like Kasumi more. The story was better (yes) and it was pretty spectacular visually. Loved the mood. Also, Kasumi is a great character ... after each mission I went to her room to listen to her comments on the mission or characters. Great voice work ("people are talking out there ... and I hear it all" ... she sounds so cute)
Overlord was too much standard business ... the usual science complexes riddled with geth. The Hammerhead-parts changed it up a bit but weren't particularly fun.

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@General_D23:  Kasumi because it's a new character for your team and you get a new ability to use.  The combat in Overlord is fun but overall I think it's just decent.
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Kasumi because you get a sweet new SMG

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Overloard's story only got interesting with the final decision, Kasumi was better overall + new character and weapon, the SMG you get is really good.

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Ok thanks alot guys, i think i know which one il get, plus il probaly just buy the other one soon too :p

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Kasumi's mission was better and I didn't like how quiet things were dialogue wise in Overlord.

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I hated the Hammerhead so Kasumi wins by default.  Overlord was pretty lame up until the very end when it became strictly OK.  Given the opportunity, I wouldn't buy it again.  I would buy Kasumi again, though.

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Overlord is more interesting overall, but Kasumi gives you a sweet gun.

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Kasumi = new smg and squad member (actual mission kind of sucks)
Overlord = another high quality mission
The choice is yours.

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I love Kasumi, she has hilarious things to say about goings on around the ship, and is a very interesting, deep and motivated,  character.  I was very disappointed that there are not dialogue trees for her.  Im not sure of my class but I could use subs and snipers, and if you play Kasumi you get BY FAR the best sub.  Still, if you are going for the best play through experience, play Overlord.  You do not gain any characters ( or unique weapons if memory serves ) but it is longer and a more enjoyable play.
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Kasumi is a cool Character but the quest is quite short and isn't very interesting, haven't played Overlord yet so I can't tell you about that.

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I actually enjoyed Overlord the most out of all the DLC (arrival excluded, haven't played it yet) but Kasumi is a really neat character to add to your team.  I'd say Overlord for now, but don't pass up on Kasumi down the line. It's a short but sweet hour or so of ME.

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I think Overlord has the better mission stuff, but you get a new character in Kasumi, but I never used her other than for the DLC mission, so... 
I'd say Overlord. 

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Kasumi is a character (which also means new power), and the best SMG in the game (and the only one worth that you can get while playing Disc 1)
Also you get some fancy ass dress clothes to stroll around your ship in. Tuxedo Shepard like a motherfucker.
Edit: I see a lot people saying Overlord is better because it's longer - it's padded out with Firewalker sections, that doesn't make it THAT much better.

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Your first time through them Overlord is better.  Second time and beyond Kasumi is better and Overlord feels like a chore.  It goes on for too long.

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kasumi since that smg is pretty sweet

#23 Posted by DoctorSensei (51 posts) -

Another Kasumi vote here. She's a great teammate, the SMG is awesome and the flash bang bonus power is one of the best in the game.

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Kasumi...I couldn't stand the driving in overlord.
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I couldnt stand overlord, the only part worthwhile is the ending.
I enjoyed both the story and Kasumi herself much more then Overlord, and I'm actually surprised to see all of the positive feedback Overlord has recieved.
Sadly, no DLC in existence can top the excellence that was Lair of the Shadowbroker.
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@General_D23: Nailed it.
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If you play a class that uses SMGs then get Kasumi for the sweet gun you get during her mission. 

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Overlord. Kasumi's a nice character, but her DLC quest was kinda crap imo. On the other hand, Overlord had a pretty good story to it.

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Overlord's story was good, with a pretty shocking twist at the end, but I think I enjoyed Kasumi's mission more. She's an awesome tech specialist with a move that can kill instantly if you upgrade it fully.

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@roger778 said:

Overlord's story was good, with a pretty shocking twist at the end, but I think I enjoyed Kasumi's mission more. She's an awesome tech specialist with a move that can kill instantly if you upgrade it fully.

You're history's greatest monster.

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Kasumi might be my favorite human character in all of Mass Effect, but she is criminally underutilized in both ME2 and ME3 and Overlord is a much better mission. It's a tough call.

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Overlord. Its a little more bombastic. But ah, ?

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Get both! But Overlord left the bigger impression on me.

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@ky326 said:

Kasumi = new smg and squad member (actual mission kind of sucks)

Overlord = another high quality mission

The choice is yours.

This sums it up exactly. Really depends on your preference. I might just got with Kasumi because having a character will add more legs to the game and future content as well. Overload was a really freaking good mission though and that character from it can also pop up in 3 as well.

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Kasumi carries over into ME3 in a more significant way if that matters.

EDIT: WTF, this thread is 2 years old.

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Overlord was the best piece of DLC for ME2 play that.

EDIT: Godammit I didn't realise this thread was over 2 years old.

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