Playing Mass Effect 2 Offline (Need some help)

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I'm living in a remote location presently and my only internet access is through a wireless connection which means my old xbox 360 cannot be connected without additional hardware (which I dont have access to at this time). Now in my down time I was planning on playing through the mass effect series again, but when I go to play Mass Effect 2 it wont allow me to access my DLC when I'm playing offline. I can start a new offline game sure, but this would mean I cant play Lair of the Shadowbroker or Kasumi or Zaeed, so there is really no point in playing through the game.

My question to you more tech savy internet folk is this: "Are there steps I can take to unlock my DLC so I can play it offline or am I SOL?"


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Is it the same xbox that you had initially downloaded the content onto?

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No not really I believe DLC can only be activated through an online xbox live gold account.

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@Junkerman: In order to play DLC offline you need to have the license to that DLC on that Xbox.

When you don't have the license, that's when you need to log in to live. If you get a new Xbox you need to transfer your licenses.

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are you on a laptop? if so, if you have an extra ethernet you can make a wired connection from your laptop to your xbox.

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@ChadMasterFlash: I've got my tower with me, and I have an ethernet cable I brought just in case. Would that work too?

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@Mike76x: Yeah my xbox RRoD'd a year or so ago and I got it replaced by Microsoft. I read something about transferring the licenses over, but I'd still need to connect it to the internet a moment to sync everything up. I'll try ChadMasterFlash's suggestion to give me a wired connection

Thanks everyone for the feedback, really appreciate it.

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@Junkerman: Did you get it working? Just curious to see if this works with a desktop.
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@ChadMasterFlash: I've been busy with worth unfortunately, I likely wont be able to try for a week or so. I'll let you know when I get around to it, thanks again for the help.

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@ChadMasterFlash: It works flawlessly with a desktop. Really easy to do... basically I just plugged in the ethernet cable went into network settings, clicked on my connection, went to properties and checked a box under sharing, took all of five seconds.

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