PS3 players, is Shadow Broker a ticking time bomb on PS3?

#1 Posted by Raven_Sword (4108 posts) -

What I mean by that is if I play the Shadow Broker DLC, is my game save gonna be deleted due to the game crashing? I hear that the game freezes and deletes your game save on this DLC. Is this true with everybody? or was this just a few cases? Should I hold off on the shadow broker DLC untill a potential patch is released? I dont even know if Bioware is gonna be willing to patch this version.
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I didnt know there was a problem with save files. I beat the shadow broker dlc and the game on ps3 and never had any problems.

#3 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

From looking on the Bioware forums it's not specific to the Shadow Broker. It has happened there a lot but it also seems to be happening at random times in the game.

#4 Posted by andriv (271 posts) -

I finished it last night in one sitting and had no problem 
I have played it for 19 hr and I have only had one bug, the colors got screwed up while I was in the normandy but I just saved my game and loaded it up again and it was fine. 
The environment in the overlord dlc while you are driving also look pretty bad.  Still an awesome game.   
Is this the best xbox -> ps3 port yet ?

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