Real time countdown in DLC

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**Little spoiler-y so consider yourself warned.**
So you know that countdown clock you see in the Arrival DLC that's supposed to be the time till the Reaper invasion? It seems to go in real time, and there's a scene during a conversation where you can just sit there looking at it instead of picking a dialogue option. I let it run for about three minutes myself before moving on. Anyone wonder what would happen if you actually let it reach zero? Do you think it would even let you, or at some point just force you to move on? How awesome would it be if you got a scene of the Reapers coming down and ripping apart the galaxy if you let it expire? It's two days and some hours to leave the game running without doing anything, and it will probably just hit zero and not trigger anything, but these are questions that need to be answered, dammit! They're more interesting than playing through the mission at least.
Someone! Get on it!

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@JustTheDoctor:  Good to know they threw something in, but how did someone already get there?
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 @Slaker117: At the end of the DLC you have closer to an hour or something before they arrive. The DLC has been out for a while now so it's doable. 

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" @JustTheDoctor:  Good to know they threw something in, but how did someone already get there? "

When you near the end after Amanda dies, the clock will always of hit around 28 minutes. Just a matter of waiting from that point on.
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@Slaker117:  Game files.
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@Abyssfull:  Ah. That is a much smarter way to go about it, though I thought that was the time till the asteroid hit, not the Reaper's arrival.
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Does anyone else find it hilarious in the video where they obviously just put a reaper model floating pass Captain Anderson on the Citadel, then it's tentacles start spazzing out.

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@JustTheDoctor:  Wait, looking at the Youtube comments, the guy says that the video isn't actually accessible in game? Know if that's right?

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