So how will Fox News react this time?

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So people. With the release of Mass Effect 2 getting ever closer, what do you think Fox News will do to this one? Given the thorough "investigative research" they did with the first Mass Effect and the "expert" opinions of Copper Lawrence who in the time of the interview has played Mass Effect herself and experienced for her self the games infamous sex scene./sarcasm. Thank the video game gods  Geoff Keighley was there to put some sense and actual intelligence into that situation. I really don't want to know how stupid that interview would have gotten if he wasn't there.

After her Fox News appearance Copper issued a retraction on her words in an interview with the New York TImes and had this to say  

"I recognize that I misspoke. I really regret saying that, and now that I've seen the  game and seen the sex scenes it's kind of a joke. Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it's like pornography. But it's not like pornography. I've seen episodes of 'Lost' that are more sexually explicit." 

Arguably, the real reason she issued that retraction was that after her Fox News debacle angry fans of the game logged into and used the review system to crash the rating on Copper's book "The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever."

Just a reminder.


Adam Sessler's Reaction.

EDIT: Lets not also forget that the release of Dragon Age: Origins is getting even closer then Mass Effect 2, and that game is suppose to be even more raunchier. 
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Umm, has there announced new sex mini-games or something? If not, nothing will happen. It's not like Fox News gives a shit about Mass Effect specifically; it's no GTA where everyone knows about the franchise.

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Doubt they'd start pulling 'facts' out their bungs this time, since the last time they did it, that chick got absolutely humiliated and destroyed.

What ticks me off the most is how she immeadiately blocks off any comment from Geoff Keighly and just goes on her own little rant and steals the show.

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@L33tfella_H said:
" Doubt they'd start pulling 'facts' out their bungs this time, since the last time they did it, that chick got absolutely humiliated and destroyed. "
yeah last time i rember every1  reviewing her book  =P
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This, this cracks me up.

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The fox clip is really embarrassing, fucking dinosaurs.

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"oh lawd, them children be havin sex on videogames with full frontal penizboob D:"

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that fox news debate made me want to hurl myself out of a window. maybe not a window of a tall building. but a window nonetheless

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Geoff Keighley totally owned that bi-.... woman.

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I've no idea what they're going to say, but whatever it is I'm still going to enjoy ME2 regardless of what an American news channel thinks of it.

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I suppose if they did cover it, I would watch it for a laugh
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Shit like this makes me hate humanity. One of the leading entertainment markets being Movies, which showcases nudity in many R rated movies which can be seen by anybody with an adult sitting next to them. Though when there's partial nudity in 1 game, they get in an uproar. Fuck em.

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" Honey I gotta go with the research"
Go jump off a building You never played the game You don't play games You are reporting on something of which you have Zero knowledge your just saying numbers and saying "research says" WHAT Fucking research are you talking about give me some references that aren't a bunch of disconnected 40-50 year old women and men who have never touch a game in their life. If you look at FBI reports on all the school shootings etc there is Zero None Nadda ZIp Zilch connections with any of the violence and video games the culprits in most cases were older men who were severly depressed and had other mental issues.
Its no different than me trying to report on mating habits of Bats in Eastern European country's I don't know shit about it so I am not gonna talk about it.

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I couldn't finish watching that Fox clip. It's so... terrible.
The difference here is that Mass Effect was a pretty high-profile game when it came out two years ago, while Dragon Age is far, far more niche. We'll see.

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lol I just love that people think a 13 year old doesn't find porn from somewhere...and yet a bit of side boob is taboo.

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They'll probably jump on Dragon Age.

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I think they are going to put more of their attention to Dragon Age as there can be implied sex (aka "SEX MINI GAME" to conservative media, as it seems) with both opposite gender, same gender, and even a bit of beastiality.

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Sessler is a beast.

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Sessler rules!

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I must say I have newfound respect for Geoff after seeing that video.
Also, someone farts at 6:11ish XD

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I think everyone's gonna make a big deal about the Ballad of Gay Tony. It does have "Gay" in its name.

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I think Fox News has some busy times coming,  but i personally that Dragon Age will get some attention from them this time around. 
They will invite Geoff Keighley on again, and  talk over him about Dragon Age. I wish Gerstmann could get on Fox News...that would be madness 
also 300 posts! wooo  lol

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What I find funny is that the media seems to be really stupid about this in the US, yet age restriction is much less strict than in Germany. Here media is more sensible (unless some shooting occurs) but games like borderlands get cut and still get an 18 rating and the respective sticker makes up a huge part of the cover (same size for DS games, btw). Well, I guess in some way it's still the land of the free. 
 Edit: I just realised that "sticker" might give a wrong impression, since it is part of the print.

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I love Adam Sessler.

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@Kaineda77: Word. Pegi ratings are nicer than our American equivalent of just letters. Putting a single layer of abstraction between the American consumer and their product suddenly makes them blind.
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Fox news won't do too much. Obama is in the white house, remember?
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@Kaineda77: Wow i totally just noticed that is a picture of a guy shooting himself . . . I mean I noticed before but you know I didn't NOTICE I just thought it was a cool cover before, I am surprised there hasn't been some uprising from the crazies yet.

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