So why did you pick your class?

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I'm having trouble getting into ME2, and I'm pretty sure it's mostly because I'm crazy, and unable to commit to a class. 
I tried an infiltrator, quickly restarted as a vanguard, got 1-2 missions in and now I'm unhappy with that. I do like the idea of flanking with the infiltrator, but I hate sniping in games when you never really engage at sniping rages. 
So, how were your class experiences? 
Edit : Oh yeah, the game could have benefited a TON by having a small little VR test ground to try out the classes.

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Soldier for ME1. Vanguard for ME2. Vanguard is the most visceral. Charging in and smashing your opponent never gets old. Plus later in the game you can always inherit skills from other classes. So it is not really that much of an issue. To beat Insanity though, I'm playing as an Infiltrator, because that cloaking can really come in handy and save your life.

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I chose the Soldier class because I always choose the Soldier.

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I always use soilder because I can use snipers, assault rifles and heavy armor, shotguns, pistols, everything.

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I really liked Infiltrator.  At the hardest difficulty, the Widow Sniper Rifle is extremely useful (takes out most opponents in one shot) and cloaking lets you bypass a few encounters.  I also like being a sniper in most shooters.

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@Andorski: Same here. Loved my infiltrator play through. Especially since a lot of your crew members are hardcore biotic users. So i just used them when i needed biotics. 
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I chose solider because that's what I was in the first game, and I like consistency.

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Soldier because I gots a crew to use magics and I can shoot well. Also its probably the easiest way to beat it on Insanity.

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Infiltrator is amazingly fun, just throw up the cloak, sneak up to guys and/or flank them while my party members pin them down, and then unload with an array of sniper headshots. Fantastic.  

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Played as a Vanguard in the first game and did the same for the sequel. Did a play-through with a Soldier for my insanity run. Found the heavy barrier ability to be really useful with a soldier on insanity.

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My first playthough was a Vanguard, and that was lots of fun, especialy (couldnt stand the times where I didnt have an Assault Rifle though)
However! Ive played multiple classes, and Sentinel is probably most fun, Tech Sheild and mapping Throw to RB is oodles of fun.

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@HitmanAgent47 said:

I always use soilder because I can use snipers, assault rifles and heavy armor, shotguns, pistols, everything.

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I chose adept, because in Mass Effect 1 you could throw people into space.

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I can't believe people play through ME2 as Soldiers, that class has absolutely none of the things that make the combat in Mass Effect unique. Sure you can just use your party member's powers but it's not even close to being the same thing. So much of the fun that comes from using biotics is being able to curve the trajectory of the power so you could bend a Throw around a pillar and watch the guy go fucking flying in the opposite direction. Even better is having one of your teammates using lift on a guy, then aim a throw to curve under the guy and watch him fly. 

Pick adept

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Adept. Shooting one bad guy while throwing the other across the room is a new and refreshing experience EVERYTIME. 

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Played Vanguard on my first playthrough; the charging attack is fun but extremely bad from a tactical viewpoint; high risk - no reward. You do minimal damage and put yourself in the middle of the enemy group, basically begging for death. Played second playthrough with Soldier; overall solid class but a bit boring as others have mentioned. I will probably play whatever one has that throw ability. 

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My problem wasn't the class, is actually getting used to the different controls they have on the PC for ME 2...  everything is SPACE BAR!!! O_O
My class is always going to the soldier, i can use big weapons :) is the most versitile because of it too. Not boring..... Just the same average fighter as many other shooters... you just not shooting things every second... if you had that ability you would be fine. 
The game is awesome!! :) no matter what :)
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Sentinel for me, I like the versatility and tech armour rocks.

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I always pick the soldier/warrior class whenever I can for any game.  I'm just more of a combat oriented person.

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Vanguard because it was my class my Shepard had in the original. A really fun class to play as anyway.

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I chose the Soldier class.  I was familiar with the class in the first game so I chose it again.  I eventually do stray off into other classes like Adept or Engineer but never try out classes that are "made up" of two classes.  In any case, I choose the warrior/soldier class in a game, or prefer it at least.

#22 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

I had trouble committing to a single class so I played the game with almost all of them (minus Infiltrator because thats stupid, for real). 

#23 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Tearing people up with Biotics and laying down some punishment with the Heavy Pistol and the Submachine Gun ftw, Grunt and Jack took care of the rest for me.

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@CitizenKane said:
" I always pick the soldier/warrior class whenever I can for any game.  I'm just more of a combat oriented person. "
But...every class is combat oriented.  
Anyway, I chose Sentinel because I thought the Tech Armor looked cool and would fit my playstyle best.
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My character was a soldier in both. I was kind of leaning towards Infiltrator, but I couldn't live without my assault rifle and shotgun, though at the time, I didn't realize that the sniper was improved over the first one. I ended up using the sniper more than the shotgun. 
I think I'll try a renegade infiltrator on my next playthrough, if I do go for another round that is. Or maybe a biotic, since I've never played as one. D=

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I usually choose the magic or tech class in a game and in Mass Effect 1 I picked engineer. For the second game I wanted something different and I'd heard the soldier in the first game provided a lot of fun so I thought I'd go for a class a little out of my ordinary preferences and I'm glad I did.

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I always play as the soldier because I'm generally more into straight up combat in games. The only other class I've tried has been the vanguard, which in my opinion was more fun than the soldier, but I missed having a full arsenal of weapons. Biotic Charge is sick though.
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I imported all three of my Shepard's so my reasons for picking the classes were based on the differences in classes for the first Mass Effect
Shepard 1- Vanguard because I liked having powers and being able to use weapons other than the pistol, plus the soldier class in any rpg is boring as hell 
Shepard 2- Adept because I wanted to have access to all of the powers 
Shepard 3- Sentinel just to try out the tech powers and they got that nice tech armor in Mass Effect 2 so that was a plus

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Adept, because I wanted to be in controll of the powers, and aim them better. Always had problems when the mates were doing the magic, and hit pillars and shit like that.

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Soldier is the way to go in Mass Effect 1 and Sentinel in Mass Effect 2 to easily survive a first-playthrough insanity run

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I always go unconventional in games that give you the choice.  I'm the type to run around in MW2 and knife people instead of shooting them, the kind to pick Lilith or Brick in Borderlands... 
I also prefer to use magic, so that's why I chose the Adept class.

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1st playthrough: Vanguard. 'Cuz you can charge into stuff.
2nd playthrough: Adept. 'Cuz you can do space magic.
3rd playthrough: Infiltrator. 'Cuz you can turn invisible.

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Vanguard for me, seeing as I chose Vanguard in ME1. You get a good array of weapons, and the choice of a new one later on, and a few good biotic powers. The Charge ability is absolutely beastly once you understand how to use it in a crowd. It's supposed to be high risk, at times you should be almost dying repeatedly, but with the shield refill of Charge you shouldn't really have any problems. For my personal play style, I can't use any other class but Vanguard.

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I picked Vanguard the first time because that's what I was in the first game. 
On my all evil play I picked Adept because I associate evil with Sith Lord and I wanted her to have all Force powers. 
On my Insanity play I picked whichever class gives you a shield because I'd heard about how ridiculous things can get. 
On my final playthrough I will be an Engineer because I love Morinth and Tali's abilities and I think the game will be crazy if I have two people who can cast dominate, combat drone and AI Hacking all on one team.  I'm waiting to do that one once all of the DLC is out and I can buy it and have access to a bunch of new content for one last run of the game.

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Adept due to trailers and the fact that I only played soldier in my 2 playthroughs of the original and needed something a little more exciting.

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I just finished a playthrough as a renegade Vanguard...originally, I hated the choice because I was used to playing Soldier, but once you level it up enough and get used to the charging mechanic, it is fun. Area Reave is the best biotic spell ever, in my opinion, aside maybe from the charge itself. However, if I'm playing to focus primarily on the story and not the combat, I usually go with Soldier simply because it is easier and more versatile.

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I started as an Engineer in ME1, mainly because of the ability to hack into things no other class could.  
I was heartbroken when ME2 rolled around, and suddenly everyone could hack terminals and bypass locks. But at least I have a Combat Drone! 
I also have a Paragon Soldier and a Renegade Adept. I wanted three characters to correspond with the three classes that specialize in only one aspect.

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