Stuck at the Eclipse hideout on Dossier: The Justicar

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Hey duders! 
So i need help or tips with this part on Dossier: The Justicar. I went through the Eclipse Hideout and in it after a while, you meet a gunship. You have to take it down to proceed. I can't seem to take it down and im annoyed. Its kinda like if you have played HL2, taking down the helicopter on the very end of Water Hazard. Please, duders! 
EDIT: My weapons are: 
ML-77 Missile Launcher 
M-9a Tempest Submachine Gun 
M-97a Viper Sniper Rifle 
M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon

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It's not that difficult.. just keeping shooting at it (overload to help with shield, warp for the armour) and make sure to switch cover vertically when it passes overhead. 
EDIT: Also you're an Infiltrator I gather? Man, how can you lose?? Use your SMG, and remember to constantly overload, to destroy the shields then use your sniper+missile launcher to wither down the armour.

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IIRC that gunship doesn't have any shields, just armor. The best weapon against it would be your pistol, and then your sniper rifle. If you or any of your squad has Warp then use that on it. It flies back and forth a lot, just take cover on the appropriate side. There's no need to rush it, it'll go down eventually.

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That gunship only has armor. Use your heavy weapons and sniper rifle. Switch all ammo and ally powers to stuff that shreds ammo. Send your squad to different positions to divert gunship fire. Take your time. Stay in cover. 
My lvl 11 soldier team took down that thing in 30 seconds. Interesting to see how different the combat can be.

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It took me ages to kill this on insanity, not because I was dying but it just took a long time, my team were useless and it was me running back and forth picking up ammo, firing 3-4 shots then running to the other side and repeating. Laaaaame.

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Yup, all these tips are good. Reduce armor, take appropriate cover. It's a done deal.

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Why do you have the Viper Sniper Rifle? 
You should have already been on the Collector Ship and should have been able to choose between the AR, Shotgun and SR. I assume from your weapons you're an Infiltrator so you should have picked the SR which will kill the helicopter in 5 shots.

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As a soldier I found this quite easy, just take cover efficiently and consistently shoot and use squad powers, you should be good.

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i hit it with a with the cain and it went away pretty quickly

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