Suicide mission. Lets talk about it.

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Suicide mission, the mission that took 1 hour to complete. 
This is the official thread of discussion about the suicide mission! It can be about Scions, Collectors, the Reaper at the end, or just which ones survived or died in your version of the mission. 
My ending: 
Tali was the techinican and crawled through the ducts. She died. =( 
Jack died, i didn't even like that bitch anyway, thats actually why i chose her in charge of the alternate team. For her to DIIIIIIEEE. 
All the others survived.

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I thought it was the worst part of the game.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" I thought it was the worst part of the game. "
Yep. The choices were straightforward for me, it was obvious who was suited for a particular situation, it didn't feel as urgent as it probably should have. The final boss was awful.
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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" I thought it was the worst part of the game. "
I thought it was 10X better than the Reaper IFF.
Also guess what? I liked the last boss. I know I'm pretty much the only person, but I don't care. It was a giant robot, and giant robots are cool, and it even made sense in the cannon of Mass Effect. Sue me.
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On my very first playtrough a year ago, only Jacob died, just because I din't want to risk Tali in the vents. :) 
I also saved the station.

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Jacob and Jack died.
And I'm motherfuckin' happy about it.

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Garrus, Grunt and Jack died. I don't care for any of them except for Garrus

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Well, the choices felt pointless, they even gave you text explaining the abilities of every character, so it was pretty much reading comprehension 101. Also, my Shepard and her team survived; but I watched a video of the ending where only Joker survived and I teared up D: The best ending was pretty dull in comparison.

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I enjoyed it up until the giant happy  terminator. The combat was pretty intense. Then again I lost no one on my first run through.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:

" I thought it was the worst part of the game. "

Awfully agreed.
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Epic but very predictable, the last fight was amazing tho.
No one died, sadly, took away some immersion but hey, I guess I'm just an awesome commander!

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I liked it. My first time through was perfect, and everyone lived (even without Jack and Zaeed's loyalty, and stupidly sending Thane into the vents). I didn't really realize who could potentially die until after I beat the game and started looking at forums to see what other people thought.  
The husks scared me every damn time they came running at me; I did a lot of flailing haha. I thought the boss was creepy, but it was a pretty straightforward battle.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Yeah, I managed to get away without any deaths as well.
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Official like the other 5 threads?

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Lucky I always had one guy die :/
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@Daveyo520 said:
" @TaliciaDragonsong: Lucky I always had one guy die :/ "
 Not lucky, just did sidemissions and purchased upgrades.
Like any straight thinking universe saving commander should do.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: But I did all that. I probably just chose the wrong person to be the tech guy. They always get shot in the head when closing the door.
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I did every mission and checked all planets and did every DLC before doing this. I dinged 30 in the middle of the mission and i didnt loose any of my teamates. But i was worried cuz i really didnt wanna loose Tali. But i still sent her in the vents and she also escorted the guys i rescued back to the ship. I played on normal difficulty though, and its kinda a breeze.
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I loved the suicide mission, it had me on edge the whole time and it has some of my favourite combat. I didn't mind that it was short, no point in dragging it out needlessly. When the Normady flies off and the music kicks in is just such a "fuck yeah!" moment. If you cared about the characters in the game I can't see how you wouldn't at least a bit worried that they'd die. Anyway, I thought it was a great ending to the game, and probably my favourite ending in any game. The whole game is about getting to know the characters and then the end plays off of that.

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Mordin died.  A lot of the power was lost because I played without sound and I had a friend over who was making fun of the final boss.

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apparently i made all the mistakes i could make 
i loved jack, she died 
i supported garrus, he died 
i had hope in legion as a powerful ally, he died 
i thought mordin was useful, he died 
didnt care much for thane, and he died 
i hated miranda, she lived 
couldnt care less about jacob, he lived 
the asari old woman was OK, she lived 
who else was there.. eh fuck it i dunno

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First playthrough was the one where I imported my ME1 character.I made the almighty mistake of not upgrading the ship so before the Normandy even touched down I had lost about 2-3 of the crew.Was not a happy chappy.I believe I made it through with only 6 squad members left alive.All was redeemed when Wallace Shepard was born/reborn (this second playthrough was a fresh ME2 character).Everyone survived,even Kelly.I found it to be one of the best finales in a video game to date.Now I'm deciding if JC Shepard should be the one who dons the N7 armour in ME3,considering the heavy casualties,but his legacy needs to be finished.

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@Afroman269 said:
" Official like the other 5 threads? "
This. There are so many threads about this goddamn disappointing lame-ass suicide mission out there now.
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It was one of the most epic endings in a game ever. 
And Jack is awesome, but haters gonna hate, yo.

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Everyone survived, because im awesome.

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Just Jack died for me.

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Jack and Jacob didn't make it. I felt that someone had to make the ultimate sacrifice for our cause. I like bittersweet endings and you know what they say, can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

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JUST finished this - everyone survived for me 'cause I played a super paragon. Man, I feel sorry for you guys that didn't enjoy it - that was one of the most incredible part of any game I've ever played. To see all the work you put in during the game pays off in the end is something I've never experienced before in a game and it makes for the most satisfying experience. I'm sort of glad they made it so easy to decide who was best for whatever situation - it made you feel super clever and made it all the more satisfying.
Now to play through as a heartless bastard and kill EVVVVERYBODY!

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I enjoyed it immensely, including the giant terminator fight.
Flashlight-face guy and blue lady died off-camera, and Thane was carried off by space wasps.
That was a bummer. I liked Thane.

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Everybody survived both times I played it. Both times I sent Legion through the vents (tech guy..he's a robot..seemed like a good fit) and I had Garrus lead the other squad...cause he mothertruckin GARRUS, DOG!
Had either Jacob or Mordin lead the survivors back.
And I had either Jack or Samara shield us.
I was tense as hell the first time though, I really didn't wanna lose anybody.
I had all the upgrades and kept everyones loyalty cause my Paragon score was high enough. That was the only part that took me out of the game, once i found out that without a high enough score you would lose loyalty, i stopped making choices that i would make and just spammed blue choices. I thought the mission itself was freakin rad, I didn't even mind the boss, but the forced choice if you wanted everyone to live was kinda lame.

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Lastnight I had Legion go through the vents (for same reasons as audiosnag above) and Miranda lead the other team, not my favorite character but she seemed up to the job.
When meeting the survivors I had Grunt lead them back (because he seemed the most patriarchal - he wouldn't let ANYTHING happen to poor Kelly) and Garrus lead the distraction team since he seemed pretty good at that as Archangel.
Then had Jack be the shield since she was a prodigal biotic - I wanted her to prove it! I thought she was a really well written character but never got on with my Paragon Shepard so it was awesome seeing her finally come through for the team! Brought a tear to my eye!
Then hit the final part with Mordin & Tali since they're my favorite characters. Everyone survived - Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

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I lost Mordin, I sent him with the survivors but he got murdered in the face somehow. 

I like ME2, I do, but considering the entire game is built around this ONE mission, it really wasn't that epic. The only wow factor was that the team could die, but if you played the entire game (as you should, cause it is good), you'd only lose one or two members tops.

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Makin' a second playthraugh' DAWG!

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I loved it.
I had a vague notion of how the mechanics worked, and the choices were fairly obvious but I was still on edge the whole time wondering if there was something I missed somehow that was gonna get someone killed.

It really capped that thing off and left me totally bonered up for ME3.
ps: Everyone lived :)

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Mordin was the only one who died on my latest playthrough.  However, his death seemed to be random because everyone else made it back to the ship.  I was expecting everyone to survive because of the smart choices I made, and that was more frustrating than sad.
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I have beaten the game twice and lost no one either time.   I'm not sure there's any 'random' element there, as some claim, to explain their deaths.  One was a paragon and the other was a renegade.

I can't say I understand the hate for the suicide mission.  My feeling was t hat it represented what should be a new direction for party-based RPGs - I wish more missions allowed you to use your entire crew, and pick the best people for the task.  Now if you could actually see them working instead of just hearing them on the comms, that'd be pretty cool.  Of course, you couldn't have people at risk of dying permanently every mission, but based on how perfect they were for the task, you could get more loot or experience and stuff.  Just making the mission easier though would be dumb, because that's the opposite of what a lot of people want.  Do I really think they'll do this for Mass Effect 3?  Well, I'm not that optimistic.

If I did have one complaint, it's the cutscenes.  How everyone uses an assault rifle, even though other cutscenes in the game show the correct weapon, is primary among them, but in general it should have tailored animations to each character's abilities.

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@Roger778 said:
Mordin was the only one who died on my latest playthrough.  However, his death seemed to be random because everyone else made it back to the ship.  I was expecting everyone to survive because of the smart choices I made, and that was more frustrating than sad.
Mordin probably died because he was left holding the line, and he's the weakest character for that part. If you took Garrus and Grunt to fight the boss then he's very likely to die (especially if you didn't have everyone loyal). I don't remember exactly how it works, but the Hold the Line segment works by assigning each character a score related to how "tough" they are, plus a bonus if they're loyal. If the score of your group holding the line doesn't meet the threshold, people start dying in order of who has the least points.
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Miranda died, I'm not sure why though, she was unloyal but I kept her from leading any teams. Although Miranda was the only person on the team I never cared for, just glad everybody else made it.

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my first playthrough I lost Zaeed, which I could give a flip about. And I've completed a few playthroughs saving everyone.  
Great ending. loved it. It's actually pretty easy if you assign people the right jobs. I always follow 3 rules: Garrus is on the second team as the leader, Tali is the tech in the vents, and Thane goes back to escort the crew. I'm sure there's other ways to do it, but it works for me. 

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First playthrough I lost Zaeed aswell, and I don't know why.
I assigned Garrus to lead the second squad the first time.
Legion in the vents
Sent Tali to escort the survivors back to the Normandy
Second team I picked Zaeed, cuz he was a merc, good soldier real badass.
For the shielding I picked Samara.
And all of a sudden Zaeed comes and says his shields didnt make it and he dies. 
I did his mission, even if the dude escaped and i saved the  other people. I think I did all the upgrades.

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Zachary Shepherd leaves nobody behind. I have never lost a single person in either of my three play throughs. 

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@GlenTennis said:
@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" I thought it was the worst part of the game. "
I thought it was 10X better than the Reaper IFF.  Also guess what? I liked the last boss. I know I'm pretty much the only person, but I don't care. It was a giant robot, and giant robots are cool, and it even made sense in the cannon of Mass Effect. Sue me.
I'm with you. I guess after others have pointed that out, I can see a Terminator-baby, too, but it makes sense within the story and it was not a bad boss.
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@HisDudeness said:
Garrus, Grunt and Jack died. I don't care for any of them except for Garrus
How did Garrus die?  
I didn't really have any problem with the suicide mission how many people can you lose?
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I have no idea why it happened because I did most of the side missions but got loyalty for everyone and talked to them at all possible opportunities. The thing is that I did suicide mission with Tali in vents, no problem especially with Garrus on 2nd team. Put Miranda on my biotic bubble with Samara and Grunt as my back up for killing stuff. I put Jacob in charge on this 2nd team. It was all good until we get to the end and Grunt dies during the cut scene...just carried away by the swarm! I was pissed because I don't know why he would die! Anyone know?

It gets worse, I go through the rest of the mission, kick the robot's ass, and on the way out watching the cut scene there's a dead body and it's idea how or why again!!!

WTF!? I don't know what I did wrong but can someone point me to what I need ot do better? All the FAQs seem to say is just upgrade your stuff be loyal...does this include upgrading weapons? I only got half way upgraded on sniper rifle but he never used it anyway...did he? HELP!

#45 Posted by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -
@NinjaTard: Miranda is not a super-powered biotic unlike Zero or Samara/Morinth she can't sustain the biotic shield. Mordin may die during the last stand if you don;t have the full squad, so send him with the survivors to Normandy. By the way there is a good FAQ regrading the suicide mission right here on GB
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I didn't have anyone die. 
Also I thought the entire mission was stupid.

#47 Posted by Mikemcn (7567 posts) -

Weakest part of the game by far, the story choices are neat though. First time I lost nobody, 2nd time I lost Tali and Legion.

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