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WOW still 3 years on iv still not seen such a epic last mission as this seeing how my team live was so rewarding the music the revaled at the reapers are doing with the humans wooo . did it still stay with you and have u seen better?

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Yeah Mass Effect 2 is pretty great. More than the last mission though, I found the intro even more amazing.

But yeah fighting together with your team and seeing a some of them take the spotlight was awesome. It's cooled off right now but it did stay with me for a while after I finished it the first time.

When you say 'better', in what sense do you mean it? As a game? As a last mission? If you're talking about a game, Bioshock Infinite and The Walking Dead are the two games that recently left me stunned, just sitting in front of my monitor mouth open trying to process and deal with what happened. But if you're specifically talking about the last mission experience of Mass Effect 2, I don't think I've played anything else that has you getting an ensemble cast of characters and then go through a mission/conflict together.

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