The PS3 Deleted My 15 Hour Save Data...I Hate Sony So Much

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#51 Posted by SSully (4231 posts) -
@KaosAngel: Well if you know that the JP ps3 has problems with NA games, why do you continue to use NA games on it??
#52 Posted by Unlogik (163 posts) -

This has been a pretty big issue with the PS3. Most hard freezes corrupt the save.
Another reason to always have at least 3 saves. I usually have 3 that I constantly rotate every 30 minutes to an hour.
I hope Bioware gets their shit together because there are way to many issues with the PS3 version.

#53 Posted by onarum (2145 posts) -

Never happened to me before, and I have my ps3 for over 2  years now.

#54 Posted by TheHBK (5506 posts) -

Its still fun to replay the game anyway....  just do things differently.  Thats why its a great RPG.  Unlike JRPGs, the experience will be different.

#55 Posted by davefromabove (22 posts) -

I get paranoid sometimes and make double saves lol

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