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#1 Posted by usgrovers (166 posts) -

Now that ME2 is $20 on the PSN, I'm thinking about playing through it again (I finished it when it was new on 360) but on insanity difficulty this time. The question is, should I buy the N7 weapons/armor pack? I don't have a problem with Insanity in the late game, but I struggle early game without upgraded weapons. Also, is Soldier the best approach for an insanity run? Thanks.

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My insanity playthrough was with the sniper class that could turn invisible. The game was super hard for me for about the first 1/2, but after you get better guns it's easier.

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@GlenTennis: I guess I'm asking if the DLC pack includes "better guns" that make the first part of the game easier.

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I did mine as a Vanguard, that shift ability, charge or whatever was useless and so was the shotty. All I used was the semi-auto, my warp and reave ability plus miranda and garrus(sometimes thane for collectors since he also has warp) throughout.

I'd say go for soldier, the weapon mods are very useful and yeah the the mattax assut rifle is better than any assult rifle in the game. THe geth shotgun is better than any shotty in the game...the arc projecter heavy weapon (also dlc) is really really handy, better than the collector beam you get in the game.

So yeah, the new dlc guns are 'better' and I think some come with better armor, that Klestor armor set is also the best. Get that.

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I played the game as a regular-ass soldier, and aside from a couple of spots (namely fighting the praetorians), it wasn't that difficult. Not really worth doing though unless you're crazy and want to S-Rank it.

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Definitely go soldier. I got maybe 1/2 way through as sniper and gave up because I couldn't do enough DPS.

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I found Soldier surprisingly doable when I did my Insanity run earlier this year.

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Play as a Soldier, but don't New Game + it because the enemies are all leveled up.

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Did it with the soldier class and it wasn't too hard, but I heard that it's almost impossible with some of the other classes.

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Do adept if you want a challenge. Check out averagegatsby on youtube dude picks the game apart. Even does a run with engineer.

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Sentinel is go tier, the armor is so powerful. I had not a single problem.

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#12 Posted by usgrovers (166 posts) -

Thanks for all the tips. I'm looking forward to it.

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Infiltrator for the sniper rifle, cloak and anti armour. Garrus for Anti shields and the Solarian for Extra Anti Armour. Cos on insanity there is tones of Armour.

So the second half is fine. First half is rocky epeasicly the middle. However if you have the Widowmaker it helps.

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Soldier. Inferno ammo + that-heavy-machinegun-thing-that-literally-spits-fire. That is all.

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@usgrovers: I'd say either the soldier or the sentinel is best for Insanity imo. Good luck. I had a blast with my insanity run. >:D

EDIT: Also, only get the armor pack if you are going with a soldier. I don't think it's really useful for a sentinel.

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@JoyfullOFrockets said:

Soldier. Inferno ammo + that-heavy-machinegun-thing-that-literally-spits-fire. That is all.

The Revenant Machine Gun? That thing is badass. But not as badass as the Widow.

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@Dany: Charge on Insanity is not useful on the lower levels, but it becomes immensely powerful once it starts recharging your shields/barrier with each charge. I did my playthrough on Insanity as a vanguard as well, and although it was tough as nails in some spots, it ended up being a very rewarding playthrough. (that, and people at work kept claiming Vanguard wasn't very good for Insanity playthroughs)

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I did my insanity run as a Vanguard and it wasn't too difficult. Between fire ammo and being able to instantly recharge my shield with the charge as long as I played smart and didn't jump into the line of fire of 5 guys I could clear rooms no problem. I really liked the shotgun you get from the Collector's Ship, and the default Shotgun worked plenty fine before that.

I really would recommend the Katsumi DLC though, the SMG you got from that is absolutely amazing.

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I did my insanity run with a Soldier, picked Geth Shield boost and....disruptor ammo (I think) as my additional powers. Wasn't too bad.

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Sentinel all the way. I almost never died on my instanity run as a Sentinel. Also, I've done it with and without the weapons pack, it definetly helps but not needed. Also, I recommend Warp Ammo as it rips everything thats "hard" to kill.

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